A thanks to the forum, phoenix, and rest assaured

New member but I have been lurking for sometime. Have had a tempurpedic bed that has been awful for sometime and finally made a purchase to replace the god forsaken thing.
Followed the advice phoenix has given a lot of minnesota buyers and checked out rest assured in Rochester, MN.

Chuck was initially out, but was very prompt and honest in emails and phone calls leading up to my visit. He came while I was working with Liz and was helping another customer. Needless to say I could tell that he wants the best mattress for each person. He was trying to talk the person into buying the cheaper mattress because the more expensive one was not going to be beneficial due to size/stature. That made me really think that he is more interested in helping others than making a few extra bucks.

Liz did an awesome job showing us the various mattresses. We went in with no budget, what felt the best was what we were going to come home with. She suggested starting on the cheaper mattresses of their “best” line. A few beds in we found one that felt very comfortable but also very supportive. We tried out the more expensive models but came back to the same bed. We told her we had an adjustable base and she said, “We will make the bed to work best with an adjustable base and attach the cover.” Can’t get that custom aspect at the box stores, that is for sure!

We inquired over a getting a box spring for my toddler’s bed, as we currently have a crappy mattress on the floor until she gets better of staying in bed. Got a good quote on a box spring and asked about factory seconds. $10 more and we could have a pretty good mattress that had a couple torn stitches on the cover. She even went in back and went through the seconds and suggested a specific cover that would be the best choice. SOLD!!! Ended up getting two mattresses on the trip for much less than the furniture stores would sell them for.

The best thing about this place is that there is minimal pressure. I hate salesman! I refuse to buy anything from a pushy salesman, usually I will walk out of a place even if I really need the item. Never felt the least bit of pressure. We plan to use the old mattress as a guest bedroom bed (it is ok to sleep on it for a night or two, after that you start to feel the pain) and we currently don’t have a box spring. I mentioned possibly making a foundation and Liz was all for it, even suggested asking family members as it doesn’t make much sense to buy a box spring for a bed that gets used every month or so. She made it clear that if we wanted to buy the box spring from them down the road they would give us the normal discounted price compared to the retail price as we had purchased the mattress from them.

Don’t have the bed home yet, will pick it up next week. Ordered the blue moon push and seems to have just what we are looking for. They made it very clear that if we had any issues or if it wasn’t up to our comfort to bring it in and they would set us up with something that would work.

Hi goblism,

The kind of customer service you experienced along with the quality and value of their mattresses is the reason I think so highly of them and some of the other smaller manufacturers across the country. You certainly made a good choice!

Congratulations on your new mattress(es) and I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with the forum :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback once you’ve received your mattress and had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.


A little early yet, only two nights in.

Chuck, Liz, Bill, and didn’t catch the other guy’s name were very helpful with loading it up. Drove about 80 miles to pick it up and they made sure everything was secure, even got some wood to give the mattress support in my truck. Threw around a few jokes and made it a very comfortable experience. Again the customer service alone is worth checking this place out!
My daughter’s dirt cheap mattress is several steps up from her cheap box store mattress we initially got her. Comfortable enough that I could probably sleep on it.
My wife is extremely satisfied with the new bed. First night she said that she was completely out, whereas she previously would have been tossing and turning and waking up in the pain.
I am still adjusting to the new bed as we went from overly soft to fairly supportive. I am feeling less aches but only time will tell. Chuck at Rest Assured has a policy that if you don’t like it bring it back and they will take care of you. Don’t think I will need to worry about that, but comforting knowing if I don’t like it I can get it switched up fairly quick.
Quality appears fantastic, not sure what a quality mattress is suppose to look like, all I know is that I was shown the quality components and I was impressed with that.

Phoenix please continue to suggest this company. I would have never given them a chance without your referrals to others in the past and don’t really plan on looking into any other companies in the future. Pretty sure Chuck and Liz will be my go to people from now on.

Hi goblism,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback about Rest Assured … and as you know I certainly agree with your thoughts about their quality, service, and value.

I changed the title of your thread so that “Rest Assured” shows up on searches so that others who search for them can see your feedback as well.

I will certainly keep suggesting them for anyone that is within reasonable driving distance because they are definitely what I call “mattress people”.

Thanks again :slight_smile: