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Cheryl Hahn ~ CozyPure Founder & CEO

Delivering Organic Sleep Solutions, Direct to Consumer, For Almost Three Decades

Established in 1991 under our original name “Tomorrow’s World”, we were the first company to offer an assortment of organic mattresses and bedding accessories, shipped direct to the consumer across the country, through our national mail-order catalog. In 1997, we launched our online website tomorrowsworld.com which allowed us to reach even more customers looking for natural home choices. As a pioneer in both the organic sleep industry, and shipping mattresses directly to the consumer all across the country, we’ve had the opportunity to gain enormous amounts of knowledge about what folks like, and what they don’t like. We value the expertise we’ve learned along the way and continually modify and improve our product designs to reflect our customers’ preference for comfort, durability, and customization while using only the highest quality natural and organic components.

Sleep Organic!

In 2005 we decided to focus solely on our brand CozyPure so we could specialize exclusively in sleep wellness and devote our time and energy to designing luxurious, affordable organic sleep solutions. Our extensive 25+ year background in green living serves us well; we understand the performance and specifications of natural materials more than most manufacturers/retailers in the “conventional” mattress industry. With that said, it’s so important to research any “natural” or “organic” claims that seem to be sprouting up everywhere. When we review specs versus marketing terms on many websites, there’s much deception that the average consumer would not be aware of regarding what the mattress or bedding is actually (really) made of. Please, do your homework.

Green Design and Holistic Sleep!

It takes more than just a mattress to provide a great night’s rest. You also need to have the proper linens, covers, pillows, or other accessories to create the perfect nest for healthy rest. Here at CozyPure we develop and produce a whole range of complementary accessories to layer with your mattress, and we handcraft everything right here in our beautiful Virginia workshop. We only use natural materials, which breathe just like you do! Wool, for example, is very therapeutic and temperature regulating to allow for quality deep sleep. Our fabrics and components don’t have any harmful toxic chemicals or fire retardants which can initially outgas, then later break down into airborne particles. We believe that surrounding yourself with nature’s finest ingredients and cuddling up in pure organic comfort, allows for a holistic, safe sleep experience, that’s naturally conducive to a great night’s rest. Unlike the typical manufacturing process, we do NOT design our products for planned obsolescence. In fact, we try to create products that will last as long as possible so they don’t end up in the landfill. Because natural latex can last for decades with proper care, our mattresses come with zippers so you can change the comfort layer at any time. In 2008, we designed a double-sided dual-flip comfort mattress, which is firmer on the bottom, allowing you two comfort configurations right out of the box. Or if necessary, you can add softer layers inside (or on top of) the mattress. Customizable options are important, especially as we grow older and our comfort needs change. It’s invaluable to have the ability to change the feel of your mattress without having to purchase a new one. We design our fabrics with classic simplicity and timeless beauty, for enjoyment year after year.

Cuddle Up Club!

Because your mattress is only one part of the entire sleep system, the bedding you choose is crucial. We have skilled artisans who handcraft all our accessories, made to order, just for you. We want everyone to sleep organic, so when you purchase a CozyPure mattress, you become part of our Cuddle Up Club, entitling you to a lifetime discount of 20% off all CozyPure bedding, and when we have promotions, we usually extend an extra 10% off the sale price. Our Cuddle Up Club members are able to build the sleep system of their dreams, adding organic comfort goodies over time, while enjoying unlimited VIP discounts.

We’re here to help you sleep in organic luxury for the rest of your nights!

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