About heated mattress pad

Hi all,

The heated mattress pads available in market are directed plugged to home electric main. Would it be safe? I read on Internet before the ideal connection is via a step down transformer to 14-18 volt. But I haven’t found this heated mattress pad on market. Any advice? TIA

Besides how to select a heated mattress pad? What features are needed?


Hi satimis,

I’m certainly no expert on heated mattress pads but this site has some good information which seems well researched and reliable (including about the low voltage models).

I would personally choose a Chilipad because they can both heat and cool and I also like the idea of having water under me rather than electricity. Of course they are really expensive so my second choice would be the low voltage DC models.

You probably know this but just in case … a heated pad would not be suitable for a memory foam mattress.