aChoosing right topper

I am considering purchasing a DIY mattress from a foam supplier, but not sure if correct for us. Plan on having a 6" High Quality Foam 2.8Lb density, 50 ILD, and support factor of 1.90 as the base and then a 6" Dunlop Latex Medium firmness (29 ILD) as the top comfort/support portion. My wife and I are in late 60s and I weigh 157 lbs, 69.5 inches, my wife is 138#, 62 inches. We are both side sleepers primarily and some back sleeping, rare stomach sleeping. We both are awakening with stiff backs and neither really sleeping well. Feel stiffer, back is out of alignment, and hurt more generally in morning then when go to bed. We presently have a 12 year old airbed, which is just no longer comfortable at all, even after changing the topper a year ago. My wife has discomfort on side of her hip if she lies on too firm a bed. Neither of us want a soft bed. Would it be smarter to instead get two 3 inch Dunlop latex toppers one firm and one medium and flip flop them to be able to adjust the firmness/softness of bed or would the one 6 inch piece of latex work well to give comfort and support? The cost between the two is not great, but foam manufacturer I am planning on using only has 6 inch Latex and only one firmness, would then need to get toppers from another source.

Hello Jambs and thanks for reaching out! I would absolutely suggest getting two 3" layers instead of a 6" core, even if they’re both the same firmness, because of the adjustability it offers. If you start with 2 medium layers and find it’s too soft, you can (hopefully, depending on which company you purchase from) exchange the bottom medium layer for a firm layer. If you get two medium layers and it’s too firm, you can (hopefully) exchange the medium layer for a soft, and so on.