Adding latex foam to make matress more supportive?

I hope I am asking this in the correct place - please move if not.
We had a iGel Pegasus mattress which had developed uncomfortable dints after less than a year of use. My back was becoming increasingly painful. We ended up turning it over and sleeping on the base, which was actually much better, although it needed a pillow underneath to fill in the worst of the depression. However it was a little hard on bony areas.
Last weekend we took it apart. There was a top quilted foam layer, 2 very soft layers of foam, each about 2 inches deep, and then the spring compartment, which we haven’t opened. We removed the soft foam and pulled the quilted layer back over.
It is much better now, but still not perfect. The comfort layer feels lovely and soft, and it is now even with no indentations anymore, but I feel I could still do with a little more support. It works when I’m on my side, but I often end up on my back in the night, and I feel it is arching a little too much still.
I was wondering about adding a layer of high density latex above the springs and below the soft comfort foam. Would you recommend this to add a little support? If so, what thickness and density should we look for do you think? My husband and I are on the heavier side of average (85 and 100kg) and prefer a slightly firmer feel, and to sleep ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ a mattress.
We are in the UK, and would welcome any suggested suppliers.
Many thanks.

We had a guest queen bed with standard coil mattress and topped with a memory foam. It had sunk and guests were pleasantly hinting about poor sleep, so we swapped with a high density maybe 34 latex foam. Its held up well and have used it on weekends, feels good… been a year now and one of our guests even wanted to know whats mattress we had. If that helps…

Hello Janeed. Thank you for your inquiry.
It sounds as though you are a support-layer away from a successful DYI mattress! If your top comfort layer is feeling too soft over your coils, then i would recommend a 3" support layer to place between the comfort layer and coils. There are a couple options to choose from for support layers; HD foam or Latex. Both will provide you with extra support over your coils. HD foam is a high-density poly foam, which will provide instant support over your coils. I found a company in the UK who offers 3" layers. You can find them here: Phone number: 01293-871875.
Latex is a natural non off-gassing rubber foam, which is available in many densities. Latex foam is popular due to its comfort, durability and breathability. Should you choose latex as your support layer, I would recommend a 36 to 40 ILD (density). Here is a location in the UK who offers 3" latex layers in these densities: Phone number: 0208-450-7662

Please let us know if you have any questions. Good luck!

I would like to add 3" of latex on top of my Naturepedic mattress. Does anyone know where I can get the additional 3" zipper section? I already have the 12" mattress and 2 extra 3" pieces of latex. I don’t want to lay the latex pieces on top of my zippered 12" mattress, I want to add the extra 3" zipper section to make my mattress 15" tall so the extra latex can zip into the mattress. I have attached a picture to help explain. Any help would be appreciated. I spoke with Naturepedic and even though they make this 3" zipper section I was told they do not sell it separately.

Hello Goldielocks

Thank you kindly for your inquiry! I will be more than happy to assist in the attempt to add a 3" layer to your current mattress. I will however need some information about your mattress before I can recommend a course of action:

**What is the model name of your Naturepedic mattress?
**Does your cover unzip completely? Can you remove all components from the cover?

I will await your reply. I look forward to hearing from you!

That’s good to hear, thanks

That’s brilliant, thank you

After doing some research, I think we want latex. Apologies if I have missed it, but the company you linked too doesn’t seem to sell latex layers. I can just see mattresses and toppers, and the toppers look quite soft. Do you have an other suggested sources. I’d rather go with a recommendation so I know I’m buying good quality. thanks

Hello Janeed

I did some searching myself to find retailers in the UK that offer all densities of latex in the 3" layers, and have had a hard time finding some as well. I would recommend calling Latex Sense to inquire as to whether or not they can possibly special order different densities. Or at the very least point you in the right direction. I did see that they only offered softer toppers on their website, but most companies that offer latex generally have access to any density if requested.

Thank you kindly! If you do speak with Latex Sense, please let us know if they are able to provide you with firmer densities.

Thanks for all your help Sleep Ez,

I have contacted latex sense and they have offered me a good price on firm latex pads.

I asked what firm meant, and they replied within minutes, even at midnight on a Friday!

They say “The firm Dunlop latex is with density 80kg/m3, the firm Talalay latex is with density 86kg/ m3.”

Many thanks