Adjustability Issues - SleepEZ Matress

Hello…I recently purchased a new 9" latex matress from SleepEz. I am having some comfort issues I am hoping to resolve. Purchased a split king for wife and I, both sides actually having the same options, from the bottom up, 3" firm dunlop, 3" medium dunlop, 3" medium talalay, with a 3" soft talalay topper in its own cover.

For the wife, it is perfect, she is very happy. At first, I thought this was what I wanted, but I found I am having lower back pain in all kinds of configurations. Where I have ended up (from bottom to top) is medium talalay on bottom, then medium dunlop, the firm dunlop with the soft topper. This is providing the back support I apparently need, as I am NOT waking with a stiff lower back anymore. However, I am experiencing some shoulder pressure that is giving me some discomfort. Even with the firm in the middle with medium dunlop above (and puttting the M-talalay on bottom) I was having stiff lower back and it was waking me.

For some background, I am about 5’9" and about 185 pounds. I am primarily a side sleeper, but also sleep on my back. While I am not having lower back pain anymore, the shoulder pressure is starting to bother me, and it also just doesn’t make sense to me that I have the softer layers on bottom, with firmer layers up high (with the topper being the exception).

Do I need more firm layers below for support and put the medium talalay directly under the topper to get the needed contouring?

Should I exchange a layer or two and reconfigure? Thanks in advance.

Hello Kai920

Thank you for your inquiry. I am very sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with the comfort of your mattress.

In most cases, lower to mid back pain can be attributed to lack of spinal support (sleep surface is too soft). In your case, this is most likely caused by the soft 3" topper on your mattress. Toppers are primarily used to soften a very firm mattress. If placed on a mattress that is already providing you with plenty of contour, then it will indeed be much too soft, and therefore eventually cause lower to mid back pain.

There are a couple of comfort-change options for you however. Since your wife loves the mattress with the topper, I would not change her side. I would however recommend at least changing your side of the topper from soft to medium. This will reduce some of the sinking your body is experiencing. Please call my office at your convenience, and I will go over your options. You can reach me directly at 480-966-8731…Jeremy.

I look forward to hearing from you!