Adjustable base to go with nest mattress - need help

Hello. I am finally at the point of replacing a 15 year old comfortaire king mattress in my main bedroom. After a lot of research, I’ve decided to go with the Nest Sparrow in medium. I frequently change positions and have low back and neck pain, trying to make the transition to a back sleeper and like the adjustability and quality of this. Spoke to them and told them I was a member here too.

Along with this I’m trying to find an adjustable base that will be best for me. Nest sells Reverie bases. I looked at the 450HT and liked it because I really like the independent head tilt. However I noticed that some other manufacturers also offer lumbar support. I think this could be a game changer as you can adjust it depending on back issues. And I also saw that Reverie and other brands have all but abandoned the idea of a “wall hugger” design. Still this is a good mid cost option.

So scouring the internet, I came across what I think is the one base that checks all the boxes. It’s the Leggett & Platt Prodigy LBR. It’s expensive especially for a king (would need 2 twin xls) so I wanted to get an idea of what you guys think of them these days in terms of quality and overall satisfaction. I love the combination of independent head tilt and lumbar support, less concerned about wall hugger unless folks think it’s a big deal. Haven’t found any others that have this combination for neck and low back. And these are super heavy so hoping it’s ok to put them on the second floor.

Any thoughts with L&P or any other good options? And if L&P is the best option, how do I go about finding a seller with the best pricing?

Thanks in advance.

Hi cmadparty.

Like mattresses, the base you choose - especially an adjustable base - can be almost as personal and preference/needs based as the mattress itself!

All of the bases you’ve mentioned sound like good options; my recommendation would be to reach out to Nest and ask them how they think the base your considering would pair with their bed (as they know their product best)

I’m sorry this isn’t more helpful. Should others with experience here see the thread, I hope they chime in!