Adjustable Base

Phoenix for a latex mattress is the leggett and plate S-cape adjustable base better then the Ergo Motion 400 adjustable base.

Hi bhawes,

When I was looking at adjustable bases … I compared the Ergomotion 400, The Reverie Deluxe, and the Leggett & Platt S-Cape.

I thought they were all good quality but in order of what I considered to be better value and preference my personal rating was Reverie Deluxe (which I bought), Ergomotion 400, and The Leggett & Platt S-Cape.

Some of the reasons behind the choice were that the head area raised higher (70 degrees), the massage was a little stronger, the construction looked very strong, the components were modular, and the price (at that time) was the lowest of the three (although they’ve all gone up since then). I bought mine from here.


HI Phoenix I just went to the site the Reverie Deluxe and Ergomotion 400 are 1000 each and the The Leggett & Platt S-Cape is 1300.

Hi bhawes8,

When I bought mine … the Reverie Deluxe was a little less than the Ergomotion 400 but even at the same price … my order of preference would be the same although both of them are very good value. The L&P IMO doesn’t “match” either of them in terms of value.


Hi Phoenix,

This is my first post. First, let me start by saying how helpful your site was in deciding on the mattress and base we selected. After following your suggestions, we studied, and went to local retailers (surprising few latex retailers in Dallas), then looked at options from your members.

After much consideration, we chose the PLUS mattress from CozyPure. I had them adjust the top comfort layer to a D-55 firmness as my wife liked the Talalay ILD 19 comfort layer we tried at SleepCraft in Lewisville. However, the SleepCraft model was a consignment model from Oklahoma City and we could not get many specifications on the core. Moreover, none of the mattresses had a zipper cover to adjust/replace layers if we needed. And as the cover was poly-quileted, she didn’t like the thicker mattress covers either.

The CozyPure PLUS, with the 5 zone Dunlop core, and the all-green features, while slightly more expensive, convinced me to buy from them. Hans convinced me that the cotton quilted to low-profile wool covers would not be a problem. Cheryl seems like a very attentive owner and really down to earth (pun intended). I feel very comfortable that I’m getting the best in materials from this company. Plus, the LaNoodle pillows that came free with the mattresses look amazing!

Now, for the foundation. I chose the Ergomotion 400, split King model. We actually tried one of these early on in a Sleep Experts store in McKinney, TX. I liked it very much as it had smooth operation, a timer, and the massage seemed like it had more effect than others I had tried. I got the unit(s) from I even got a netotiate discount on them. I was a bit dismayed that, being in Texas, I had to pay sales tax, but Jessica actually went to bat for me and got a couple of pillows (you can never have too many natural latex pillows) thrown in to sweeten the deal. I was impressed with their customer service.

I have not received anything yet, but I will post again once I have had a chance to set everything up.

Thanks again for all of your information and all you do for people that are overwhelmed by the choices for this very important decision process!


Hi wellborn2001,

I switched your post to a new thread so it wouldn’t get mixed up with the other one.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and for letting us know what you ended up choosing. As you know I think highly of Hans, Cheryl, and Cozy Pure and it seems to me that you made a great choice both with the mattress and with the adjustable (latex works very well with an adjustable bed).

Most of all … congratulations on your new “sleeping system” :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you have received everything and have had a chance to sleep on them.


Hi Phoenix,

We got everything and set it up about 10 days ago. Between the adjustable bed foundations and the latex mattresses, I needed a soft bed to recuperate from the heavy lifting! :cheer:

Everything arrived great from Olejostores for the ErgoMotion 400 frames (recall I have split king setup), and was easy to set up once I got them into the bedroom. Very easy install, being they are almost completely assembled, but you would do good to have two people to move them to their destination.

The CozyPure shipment, again, perfect, everything in great shape. My two Twin XL mattresses were boxed together, weighing over 200 lbs, so again, a challenge to move into position.

I found the quality to be superb on both. I love the La Noodle pillows, but I upgraded to the larger/overstuffed ones, and have since removed probably 10 large handfuls of latex noodles from each pillow to achieve the firmness that I was looking for. I love them now! Plus I have some latex to stuff a seat for my office.

Now, for the mattresses:
They seemed a little firmer than what I had hoped, especially since I opted for the softer D55 comfort layer. Both my wife and I found them to be too firm, and she wanted a firm mattress. She thought it was the mattress cover, organic cotton with organic wool, however, these are not that thick on the PLUS mattress. After sleeping on them for several days, and still finding them too firm, I unzipped and removed just the top cover of the mattress cover. I then re-applied the cotton matallase protector overall. This feels very nice, just the right about of comfort and support.

My theory is that the tautness of cover, while luxurious, is not allowing the comfort layer to give enough, especially since the surface area of the Twin XL is less than a larger mattress. I haven’t contacted Hans yet to get his advice, but I wondered if any others on your site had similar issues, and how they solved them?

If I have to, I am not against the option of purchasing 2 toppers, possibly 2 inch 19 ILD Talalay, (with thin covers) to supplement our investment in a good night’s sleep.

Thanks in advance,

Hi wellborn2001,

[quote]Post #2 here[/quote] has some suggestions that may be helpful with a mattress that is initially too firm but I would spend a little more time on the mattress before making any changes to give the layers and materials a little longer to break in. This is especially true if just unzipping and removing the top of the mattress cover made a significant difference.

I don’t think you will need two additional toppers and there are some topper guidelines in post #2 here and the posts it links to that may be helpful but the first step I would always suggest is a conversation with the manufacturer because they have much more experience with their mattresses and the specifics of their materials and combinations and helping to “match” them to their customers than anyone else. It may be that you need “just a touch to a little” bit of extra softness and even something like the Lanoodles topper may make a significant difference for you.

Two of the most common mistakes when people begin to make changes is “overcorrecting” and and not giving each combination enough time and if removing the cover made such a bit difference it may be that you need some “fine tuning” that involves a much smaller change than you may suspect.