Adjustable bed and mattress

We are looking for an adjustable bed and I “thought” a memory foam type mattress like the I Comfort Revolution was the one for us until I started reading here. We checked out a few today and although it didn’t fit all needs it seemed to help alot.

I hope you can help.

About us: My husband is about 5’11 and 190lbs. He has acid reflux, snores and some lower back pain.

I am 5’5 120lbs. and have cervical neck problems and some lower back as well. I have tried all kinds of pillows but my head doesn’t seem to sink into the memory foam ones and the Dream weight type don’t seem to offer enough support. I also have a hollow back so that can often be an issue for me as well.

I hope to check out Fox Mattress in Holly Hill soon.

What would you suggest for us and what other stores might be in the Volusia County area of Florida? Zip 32763.

Thank you!!!

Hi rg3083,

With some of the issues with pain and discomfort you are facing … a good mattress that offers both pressure relief and good spinal alignment is especially important. With a “hollow back” it’s important to make sure that the comfort layers do a good job of filling in the gaps in your back. While you don’t mention your sleeping positions which is one of the most important factors in choosing a mattress, there are some guidelines here which can help with different weights and body shapes and here for different sleeping positions. Different body shapes, different types of mattresses (how far you sink in) and sleeping positions also play a big role in which pillow may work best for you and this is especially important with cervical and neck issues. There is a pillow thread here which has some links to some helpful information. For your husband … good support which makes sure that the pelvis doesn’t sink in too far and aggravate the back pain is also important and for some … certain pillows can also help with snoring.

You may have already seen this but there is an analysis and review of the iComfort lineup in post #11 here. In general though … I recommend local manufacturing and smaller brands which tend to use higher quality materials and have better value than the larger national brands.

Reading through some of the overviews in the mattresses section can help you become familiar with some of the materials and construction methods that are used in mattresses and the advantages and disadvantages of each. They can help you ask better questions which can lead to better choices.

Some of the local manufacturers near you are … Holly Hill (which you know about). They are one of the better local factoy direct manufacturers in the country IMO which is why I invited them to become a member here. They make a complete line of mattresses of all types and they are also built specifically with materials that are better in the Florida environment. Rick is very knowledgeable and helpful. They would certainly be a priority to visit in terms of quality and value. Orlando Local factory direct manufacturer. I have had several good conversations with them and they are very service oriented. They recently changed ownership and the last time I talked with them they were still in the process of gearing up and setting up some of their models to show on their showroom floor. Good people. Winter Park Regional factory direct manufacturer. They ar one of the larger factory directs and also have a range of mattresses including one high quality memory foam models, 2 latex models, and a range of more traditional innerspring/polyfoam models with good value.

Some of the best online prices for adjustable beds are here and of course any of these can go under any mattress that is suitable for an adjustable base. They have very knowledgeable and helpful staff and carry most of the major brands like Reverie (which makes the adjustable beds for Tempurpedic and which I bought), Ergomotion (who makes the adjustable beds for Serta) and Leggett and Platt.

You are certainly within easy driving distance of some very good choices


Thank you so much for the quick reply. I didn’t mention sleep positions because they sometimes vary. But being that you asked… we are probably both side and back sleepers.

Having said that I would love your suggestions to a good mattress offered by one of our locals.

Of course we want the best can can buy for the money. So if it’s possibly to buy something really good for less than $3000 total that would be beautiful, $2500 is even better.

Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

Hi rg3083,

The “best” mattress is always the one that provides the best combination of pressure relief, alignment, and preferences for your unique circumstances. Even the highest quality mattress with a particular construction may be unsuitable for any particular individual that doesn’t “fit” that particular mattress.

The best way to find the best model is to actually go and lay on them under the guidance of someone who knows what to look for and can actually see you on the mattress and knows the specific details of all their mattresses (which of course I don’t). Once you know the better places to visit … half of the battle is over. The most effective method of making better choices is to test mattresses at these outlets and use their knowledge of their mattresses and how different people fit each of their mattresses to help you. I would certainly pay Rick a visit at Fox mattress at a minimum regardless of where else you may want to go.

Even your lower budget is plenty to buy a very high quality mattress using very durable materials and construction that will last you for a long time … if you go where real quality, value, and service actually “lives” :slight_smile:


We plan on going this weekend. I will try and update the board when we finally decide. Thank you!!!