Adjustable Bed - Bedjet Powerlayer

Does anyone have experience with the queen size Bedjet Powerlayer adjustable bed base? I’m a big guy (6 ft, 350#) and am thinking of putting a 4-layer latex bed (~200#) on one. It’s rated at 900# capacity, but mfr states that that is for weight equally distributed over the base, so that makes me wonder if it’s practical for me.

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I hope someone in the forum is able to give their practical and realistic experience with this base. I would say that you are probably fine at your weight since equally distributed would actually but calculated on two sleepers (one on each side of the mattress).

Is there somewhere you’re able to test this base, by chance?


I haven’t found any place that I can test the base. It seems likely that it should work for me, but the higher than normal concentrated load on a base this thin gives me concern for long-term durability. I guess nobody would have that experience with this base yet. Thanks for your reply!

Google “Bedjet Powerlayer reviews”

Seems like most liked it. I woudnt buy unless it had a return policy.