adjustable bed mattress

We are in the process of buying a split adjustable bed. Does anyone have suggestions on the best type of mattress to purchase with this bed?

Hi wdtodd,

There really is no “best” mattress for any type of base … only the best mattress for you.

In general though … a mattress that is used on an adjustable base needs to be flexible which means that mattresses that are made with a combination of more flexible materials or components in the support layers (such as the various support foams like polyfoam or latex, some types of innersprings that are specially made to be hinged or more flexible and suitable for an adjustable base, or even air bladders … which I don’t recommend at all) are important. The comfort layers that are typically used in all mattresses regardless of the support materials used (you can see the most common types here) would all usually be flexible enough to be used on an adjustable base.

Mattresses that are too thick (and the specific thickness that is “too thick” will depend on the materials in the mattress more than the actual thickness itself) will also be less flexible and will not work as well on an adjustable base.

The most important part of choosing a mattress … within the very wide limits of the materials that are suitable for use with an adjustable base … are the same as choosing a mattress with any other type of base. PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and your Personal preferences) is always the way to make your best choices and planning to use your mattress on an adjustable base just means that you are a little more restricted to more flexible components that can bend with the base without damaging or shortening the lifespan of the mattress.