Adjustable Bed question

Hi Phoenix

Long time lurker, first time poster. Very grateful for all that you and the others do.

I am seeing L&P S-Capes going for $61 more per twin base then the Reverie Deluxe (including new remote). So I have a few questions for you:

  1. have you heard of the S-Capes are being discountinued and that is why I am seeing the low prices - and if so - should one not buy them because parts/other may be difficult to find in the future etc?
  2. if you were in the market today - and there was only the small price difference that exists today between the two beds - which would you be tempted to purchase?


Hi Jacks,

I haven’t heard that they’re being discontinued but of course I’m also not involved with dealing with them on a day to day basis and talk with people more about mattresses than adjustable beds so it’s quite possible that they are and I just don’t know about it. I think though that the lower pricing is in big part a reaction to the competition coming from Reverie and Ergomotion where they just weren’t in the same ballpark. I don’t think parts availability would be a concern of mine with the number of them that have been sold and with the size of Leggett & Platt.

When I tested adjustable beds I preferred the feature set of the Reverie over the other two and I would have bought it even if the price was the same (at that time there was a substantial difference). I am still very happy with my decision. I don’t use the massage feature much (it seemed stronger to me than the other two and at the time it seemed more important than it turned out to be … at least for us) but I do like that the head raises higher, the modular design, and I also like the new remote with it’s two programmable settings which weren’t available when I bought mine. Of course if I was buying one today I would test them again to see if any of them had changed in any way from when I tested them but if things were substantially the same I would still personally buy the Reverie.


Thanks Phoenix.

I just returned from trying some adjustable beds: L&P Prodigy, Tempurpedic and a Sealy Reflexion.

I liked the Sealy Reflexion better then the other two -as it went higher. The salesman said it went to 70 - 75. Do you know who makes thier frames?

The things I found that are impt to me are:

  1. that I want two twins - regular length not XL. This is what we have now and it works fine for us.
  2. I do not care for the massage feature - would never use it
  3. I liked the wall hugger feature
  4. I liked the wireless remote feature.
  5. I like the preset feature,
  6. I like the bed going 70 - 75 in the head area.

With those features in mind do you have any models that you can suggest I research - I was researching the S-Cape and Eromotion 400 and Reverie Deluxe but all of these have the massage feature which I just do not need.

I suspectthat these three manufactures may all make something that might fit my new criteria - so I can hang out on thier sites but I thought if you knew something off the top of your head then that would give me a starting point. And I would love to know who makes that Sealy Reflexion as I really liked that one - but the salesman said it only comes in twin Xl not twin.


Hi Jacks,

Tempurpedic uses Reverie and Simmons and Serta use Ergomotion. The Ergomotion 400 goes to 70 degrees

The adjustable bed thread here has some links to the merchants that I use as a reference but Olejo in particular has among the largest selection I know of and are very knowledgeable about their products. I have also found the people at Electropedic to be particularly knowledgeable about adjustable beds. both of these would be much more informed and up to date about all the features of their adjustables than I am.

In most cases the models without the massage also come with wired remotes and less features so massage may be necessary to have have all the other features you want (wall hugger, wireless remote, head to 70%, and pre-sets).


Thank you so much for your help and advice. I will research on Olejo and maybe give them as call as well.