Advice about Fox Mattress

I would like some advice about Fox Mattress. In particular, are there certain mattresses that they make that I should pay particular attention to.

Some information about me:
I live in Oviedo Florida and I am looking for a new king size mattress.
My wife and I are side and back sleepers, light weight.
From what I have read latex mattresses are a good fit.
What would you recommend?

Erik in Oviedo

Hi OviedoErik,

Fox mattress is an invited manufacturing member of this site which means that I believe they are among the best quality and value in the country. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy any mattress that they made.

Of course the quality or value of a mattress has little to do with whether it would be suitable for your body type, sleeping positions, and preferences and this is where their knowledge and experience comes into play. Rick the owner there is exceptionally knowledgeable about mattresses and materials and has been building them for many years. He already knows what it would otherwise take you many days, weeks, and possibly even years of research on sites like this to learn and uses his experience to help his customers make great choices. Connecting with an “expert” is always much more effective than trying to learn what you would need to become one yourself. Their knowledge about the mattresses they make is much greater and more detailed than mine and the kind of local and “in person” guidance that they will provide you is also much more valuable than any “theory at a distance” that I could offer.

You are fortunate to have such a great choice close to you and I highly recommend them. Of course if you let them know you are a member of the forum you will also receive a 5% discount on a mattress purchase there which is a nice “perk” as well :slight_smile:


Love what I have read here about Fox Mattress in Holy Hill Florida. I live In Jacksonville, Florida. I read the info here, and then I spoke with Mic at Fox by phone twice this week. Great guy and very knowledgeable. I am driving down there this weekend (1.5 hours each way approx) and I hope I come home with a great bed. Will post here when complete. Thanks guys!

This has nothing to do with the quality of their mattresses but their website is one of the worst designs I have seen in a very long time. I had trouble continuing past the website first opening up due to Rick blaring at me. Then I was unable to find much in the way of useful information on their website.

Their design design reminds me of the design philosophy of the late '90’s where websites were designed to drive traffic to the phones.

Personally I am looking for a wealth of information on a website and will pick up the phone to fill in the blanks and get the fine details. Needing to call for just the basics does not put a vendor high on my list.

Again the above has nothing to do with the quality of their mattress or the quality of the company but it can impact their business.

Hi jaxmattressbuyer,

As you know I think highly or Rick and his staff and they are certainly well worth the trip. I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience there.

Unlike AMG_Roadster … I actually like their website and it provides some accurate and meaningful information about mattress design and materials that are very much in line with the ideas on this site. Even the video on the first page is well worth watching and has good information on it IMO. It “educates” rather than “sells” which I like. When you are dealing with a local manufacturer it’s always best to talk with them on a phone call and when it comes to mattresses emails are not usually an effective form of communication unless it is a “black and white” question that can be answered with a simple one sentence answer. In most cases a conversation about mattresses involves “it depends” in the answers or include “unasked questions” that need to be answered before the question itself can be answered with any meaning and these can’t be dealt with effectively with written communications that has much less 'tone" and context. You can often cover more ground in a single phone conversation than you can in weeks of back and forth email exchanges.

Most local manufacturers are much more focused on mattress design and development than they are on website design and development and rely much more on local word of mouth than they do on the drawing power of their sites. Of course manufacturers or retailers that sell primarily online would need more detailed information on their site because they cater to a very different market but even here a phone call is much more effective than emails.

The quality and accuracy of the information on their site was part of what attracted me to them in the first place :slight_smile:


I am all for the videos as an option. I have an issue with the autoplay videos that seem to be trendy today.

Maybe I missed something on the website but I do not remember seeing information on specific mattresses nor on prices. I only remember being able to find very generic information.

Hi AMG_Roadster,

Like almost all local manufacturers or retailers … they don’t have specific detailed information about the builds of their mattresses on their website. The information they do have about mattress design and quality is accurate and informative and usually points to a local manufacturer that “fits the profile” of the better local manufacturers in the country.

Comfort specs are not important when it comes to local testing … what is most important is that you are dealing with a retailer or manufacturer that will both inform you and educate you about the design and materials in any of the mattresses you test and like so you can make meaningful comparisons about quality and value. 99% of consumers have little idea about mattress specs or design and for them making a choice based on specs would be among the worst ways to choose a mattress. With a local purchase the most important part of choosing a retailer or manufacturer is to make sure that they are experienced and knowledgeable about mattress materials and that they have both the willingness and ability to disclose all the layers in any mattress that you like and educate you about what they mean so you can test for support/alignment and comfort/pressure relief and then you can fill in the details about quality, value, and durability. The video on the front page is very informative and anyone who is buying a mattress would do well to watch it. Their videos here also say many of the same things that are talked about throughout this site. This is the type of knowledge and experience I look for when deciding who to take the time to visit where all the other details can be filled in and explained in person with the context that makes it meaningful.


Thanks to the information in this thread (and another, a more generic Orlando-based post), I was put on to Fox Mattress. Unlike the other person, the website actually pushed me over the top – now I’m definitely planning to make the trip this weekend to their showroom. While the design might not be technically flawless, it gave me the information I need to justify the one hour trip to their store. In particular, my girlfriend and I enjoyed their “How to Buy a Mattress” video as it seemed genuinely more focused on education than on an attempt to take our money.

I’ll try to report back in this thread after my experience this weekend.

Hi DanR,

Thanks for your comments … and I’m looking forward to your feedback after your visit. If you talk with him … say hi to Rick from The Mattress Underground :slight_smile: