Advice Desperately Needed!


I have been struggling with back and neck problems for a few years, and have been through two different Keetsa mattresses hoping for a good night’s sleep.

I finally have realized that nothing Keetsa is going to work for me. I tried the iComfort and temperpedic in store but can’t tell how they would be over a long term (and wow, the price!). I’m desperate to find a good mattress.

My main issue with both Keetsa’s I head (first the Tea Leaf Classic, then the Tea Leaf Supreme) is that not only do I wake up many times a night because my back hurts but also my arms keep going numb to a point of pain and that wakes me up a lot.

I am 5’4, 150 female, live in San Francisco, and just sold my Keetsa to a couple on Craigslist last night! So I slept on my air mattress, and got no sleep, and must buy something better today.

Any advice appreciated. I have been reading and reading and reading this wonderful resource and also tried googling a locally sourced/made memory foam company but I’m really a bit lost as to what to do.


Hi deezee,

The first thing I would suggest is to take more time. I don’t believe you can make a good choice in a day and I would rather sleep on a sofa or on blankets on the floor for a few days than make such an important choice in a single day. While you may be uncomfortable for a few days … I think that’s probably better than being uncomfortable for a much longer time.

The next thing I would suggest is to read post #1 in this thread which is a step by step process that can lead to the best possible choice for your needs and preferences.

The best options I know of in the San Francisco area are in post #2 here.

You have some great options in your area but the odds are overwhelming that a single day is not enough time to do some initial reading, make the initial phone calls, and do the testing that is necessary to make your best choice.


Thanks Phoenix. Agh, you are right.

Thanks for pointing me to your other threads. Will read and study up tonight.