Advice Needed on new Mattress - Manufacturer/Quality - Brooklyn Bedding vs. Bed in a Box vs. others

First let me set the stage.

About 8-10 years ago we purchased a top of the line (or near top of the line) Stearns and Foster Pillow top. It has pillow tops on both the top and bottom so you can flip the mattress. This thing is something like 16-18" thick. The problem is we just do not sleep well in the bed anymore. I toss all night and develop back pain when sleeping on my back. Given the price and information at the time I did not think I would be shopping again for a mattress anytime soon. Yet here I am again.

About us. I am 5’10, 165lbs (weight fluctuates ~15lbs between winter and summer (155-170). I generally sleep hot and on my side. I do however read in bed for 60-90 minutes regularly on my back. I also tend to sleep hot. The wife is 5’5, 120lbs. Like me she generally sleeps on her side and reads on her back. However she sleeps cool.

The mattress is king size and will be going on a platform bed.

So I am looking for advice here. I have been researching on this site and others but to tell you the truth I am kind of burned out now and need some input.

I had originally come to the conclusion that I was going to get a Bed in a Box. After speaking with them they used the Tempurpedic Cloud Lux as a yard stick. So we went and checked out the Tempurpedic’s and as a compromise between the wife and I, we thought the Cloud Supreme Breeze was a good choice. Well except price and maybe quality wise.

So after additional research I am seeing that maybe Bed in a Box is not all it is cracked up to be. I was thinking the Tranquility Gel with natural Tencel would be the bed I would go with. Now however it sounds like Brooklyn Bedding may user better foam and make a better mattress. Speaking with “Chuck” over there (who was very helpful) he recommended the Cool Supreme mattress.

I know that comfort is a personal choice but I wanted input concerning the manufacturer/product in terms of quality, durability, etc. vs. price. I am fine with the $1800 - $2400 price range. If I can get the same quality for less money fantastic. If spending a bit more means a much better product I am willing to do so.

So if you have feedback on either mattress or manufacturer (both seem to have a number of good reviews) or recommend someone else in this price range or any other advice please let me know.

I was at dinner with a friend tonight and mentioned my mattress hunt. Turns out that he has a Bed in a Box mattress and is not a long term happy customer. He was very happy the first 6 months (or something) but he was not happy with the “breakdown” of the foam. He ordered another of their toppers but that did not help.

I want to emphasis again that I am expecting that someone saying that mattress X gave them the best night sleep ever will translate over to my experience. What I am looking for is that Brand X uses the highest quality of materials, or I have had brand y for 8 years and it still sleeps as good as it did day 1. Or you know you could get brand X for $1800 but brand Z lets you customize your mattress, is more durable, uses much better quality material and is only $300 more.

Let’s be honest if you look at the wholesale price of the different foams they are not that expensive. Compared to the cost of materials what some of these companies are charging for their mattress is armed robbery.

I am looking for your experience and knowledge to boil this down to the key facts and figures. Hit me up with your personal experience and knowledge and please provide the executive summary. If I need additional details this site clearly has the in-depth knowledge posted. I am just looking for help in getting to the material that is going to make the most impact to my decision and do so in the most efficient manner possible.

Hi AMG_Roadster,

The “executive summary” and links to the posts that are the most important :slight_smile:

A mattress is only as good as its construction and the quality of the materials inside it. Lower quality materials will soften and compress faster than higher quality materials even though they can feel the same in a showroom and for a period of time afterwards. This is particularly true of the layers that are closest to the top of a mattress.

The most important place to start with any search for a new mattress is post #1 here which has the basic information, steps, and guidelines you will need to make good choices.

Bed in a Box (bedinabox) uses lower density memory foam in the top layers of their mattresses (which are the weak link of most mattresses). They are lower than the memory foam guidelines I normally suggest. You can read more of my thoughts about them in post #2 here and a forum search on bedinabox will bring up more about them as well.

You can read more about how a mattress may “match” another mattress in post #2 here. The only way that bedinabox would match a Tempurpedic would be by “feel” because they certainly don’t match based on the quality of materials or based on the design.

As you are mentioning … one person’s experience on a mattress has little to do with whether it will be suitable for the next. Durability comparisons and value comparisons based on the materials in a mattress are the basis of good research though and this is why it’s so important to know the details of all the layers in a mattress and is the basis for much of the information and comments on this site. It’s also the reasons that online reviews have little meaningful value in choosing a mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding is one of the members of this site which means that I believe they are among the best quality/value in the country. Like all the members here they are completely transparent about the materials in their mattresses so you can make meaningful comparisons in terms of quality and value and they use high quality materials where it is most important in every budget range.

You are certainly in a budget range where you can purchase a very high quality/value mattress. As you can see in mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here, while there are too many variables, unknowns, and individual preferences for me (or anyone that doesn’t manufacture or sell specific mattresses) to make suggestions for a specific mattress for anyone out of the thousands that are available, I’m happy to help with “how” to choose and help connect you with better options or possibilities (locally or online) so you can deal with retailers or manufacturers that are completely transparent about the materials in their mattresses and have the knowledge and experience that can greatly improve your chances of finding the mattress that is the best match for what I call your personal value equation.


Thanks Phoenix

Based on our last outing to a mattress store and talking with Chuck at Brooklyn Bedding we a leaning towards their Cool Supreme mattress.

However before pulling the trigger I want to go check out some Latex Mattresses. If I am correct in what I have read the latex should be a bit more durable and sleep cooler than the Cool Supreme (Gel/Memory Foam) mattress. If I am mistaken in either assumption or there is something else I missed in the comparison please jump in.

I am however tempted by Flobed and the ability to select different layers. The beds are a bit more money but the customization is a nice option. Although it maybe a case where the flexibility gives you a greater chance of screwing it up. It you are a car guy think of single vs. double adjustable shocks. You can dial in your car for the track “perfectly” with a double adjustable but unless you really know what you are doing, have the time, and measurements you are more likely to screw things up. Although if less expensive bed works well for us why should I spend extra money for the flexibility if I am just going to set it and leave it.

Hi AMG_Roadster,

I think your thinking is “accurate” and you have outlined the pros and cons of your choices very well.

You can see some of the factors involved in sleeping temperature besides just the foam in the mattress in post #2 here. I don’t think most people would have a heat issue with either of your choices unless they were very sensitive in which case latex may have an edge (although some of the other factors may play just as big a role as well).

You are certainly looking at some very good final choices and I would base my decision on your own personal testing, on the conversations you have with each manufacturer, as well as your personal preferences between the “feel” of memory foam vs latex.