Advice: quality vs "replaceable"

Does anyone have an opinion on buying an expensive mattress with quality materials compared to a cheaper mattress that you can replace often? I am having a lot of trouble deciding what to do next. I am extremely disappointed with my Berkley Ergonomics Talalay Latex mattress because it barely lasted longer than beds 2-3x cheaper.

See this post for more context: 5 year Update: Berkeley Ergonomics Amsterdam Talalay Latex Mattress

Hi needsleep1.

Sorry to hear you’ve had bad luck with all of your mattresses. Can I ask what kind of bed frame you are using? Do your mattresses continue to give a sagging feeling if you move them to the floor?

I agree that warranties often leave the consumer in the dust. Are you and your partner in very different weight/height brackets?

I’m thinking a split configuration as well as easily exchangeable/replaceable/removable layers may help solve your longevity issue.

To the point of cheaper mattresses…some people will choose to buy a cheaper, firm no-frills innerspring and then layer transition/comfort layers atop it. Sort of like a pseudo DIY. Of course, each person’s needs are going to be different!

Looking forward to your reply,

Hey Nikki,

Thanks for the response.

The bed is sitting on this frame, which seems to provide very good support while allowing adequate airflow. I do not notice much (if any) difference with the bed directly on the floor.

I’m 6’1" / 195 lbs and my spouse is 5’6" / 120 lbs. Her side is not nearly as bad as mine as you’d expect. And we have of course rotated the mattress periodically throughout the years and as mentioned in the previous post we’ve even replaced the top layer as recommended by our local store.

I just got back from a week long trip where I felt like I slept better on the hotel mattresses, which caused me to focus in on my disappointment with my mattress at home again, so I’m trying to decide what to do.