Advice re latex in Massachusetts/New England

I’m interested in some avenues to pursue in my Massachusetts/New England area that would enable me to have a SleepEZ kind of experience locally. I really need to see and experience our bed in person. I really like the Savvy Rest Serenity and OMI Terra, but the pricetags are a bit overwhelming. Does anyone know of an off-price retailer/manufacturer we should consider? (We’ve had a Tempurpedic for 12 years, and need to give it up quick! Really uncomfortable!) Thank you so much for this great forum.

Hi saramom,

There are some very good options for latex mattresses in the Massachusetts area … especially if you are around Boston. The links to some of the lists in the New England and Massachusetts area and links to some posts and threads that have some feedback about some of them are listed in post #2 here.

While each manufacturer will have their own designs which can all have a different “feel” … there are many latex options available in the area.


Thanks so much for this Phoenix–lots of good suggestions! Do you know anything about the Costco Nature’s Caress, available online?

I appreciate this informative resource!


Hi saramom,

Only the information that they include in the specs which indicates that it’s a two sided latex mattress that uses about an inch or so of polyfoam in the quilting layers on each side (which is inside the thickness guidelines for polyfoam quilting that I wouldn’t consider to be a “weak link” of the mattress in terms of durability). It uses blended Talalay latex (see here) which is a high quality material athough of course you wouldn’t be able to test it first to make sure that one of the sides was suitable for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and personal preferences) so you would be completely dependent on Costco’s return policy rather than personally testing the mattress or having the ability to re-arrange or exchange layers. It also only appears to be sold in combination with an S-Cape adjustable bed and doesn’t look like you can buy just the mattress only for those who don’t want an adjustable bed or want a different brand.

If you take the price of the adjustable bed off the set (say about $1300 or so for a queen) then the “mattress only” would be about $2000 which is certainly reasonable but not the best value available in a online purchase for a mattress that includes 9 - 10" of blended Talalay latex although of course “value” depends on each person’s personal value equation.

While it’s a two sided mattress “in theory” … it has a different firmness level on each side so in effect it would only be useable on one side for most people because the side they prefer sleeping on would only be on one side of the mattress although a couple that purchased a split twin XL (to make up a king size) would each be able to sleep on a different side of the mattress if they had different needs and preferences.

Post #21 here has a list of the members here that includes many that sell latex mattresses with a wide range of features, designs, options, return or exchange policies, and prices that would likely have better value for most people.