Advise Please - Latex Hybrid for Fat Husband and Skinny Wife

Can you advise me on a some brands/models that have a king size Latex/Inner Spring Hybrid mattress suitable for a fat guy (5’10, 260 lbs) with a skinny wife (5’7" 125 lbs), both 40 yrs old. Since my wife can sleep in anything short of a brick and I am a terrible sleeper, we’re after something that is in the medium-firm range. I’m leaning towards Dunlop latex of Talalay, but no strong preference. Price is no object, assuming it’s less than $5K. Also, I have a 4-legged friend, a 150 lb Great Dane, that likes to climb in the bed. So sturdy is helpful here :).

I have reviewed many guides and threads on your site, but having a hard time finding these features.
I found one brand I like, Avacado Green MattressAvacado Green Mattress Pillow Top (“2 inches in the Euro-top layer (D65 / 14-19 ILD, soft), 2 more inches in the comfort layer (D75 / 20-25 ILD, medium), and a denser 1-inch layer (D85 / 26-31, medium firm”) over 1414 L&P Quantum Edge® Elite Combi-Zone pocket coils in 3 zones. Unfortunately, there’s not much feedback on this brand, though the materials look good, and with the pillow top it seems in the medium-firm range. I don’t give a hoot about the organic/healthy/wholesome wool stuff, but don’t object.

The only brand I can find here that has really good reviews and something similar is the Arizona Mattress Company Hybrid (Link). I like what I see, though I’m a little turned off by having to pay the fairly expensive return shipping in the trial if I don’t like it (I assume shipping a 100+ bed is not cheap at all).

Am I missing any other moderate-to-premium priced latex hybrids suitable for high BMI?

Thanks in advance, great forum and guides!

The plus on the Arizona Mattress Co Hybrid is that you can have the bed customized (his and her halves) if you so choose…
I’m not a mattress expert by any means, but the specs read similarly with the main difference being the use of Talalay latex in the AZ hybrid vs Dunlop on the Avocado one - I can say that the finishing on the Avocado looks a lot nicer and more premium than the AZ Mattress co one, but I don’t know how it may or may not affect the overall mattress performance over time - in addition, the trial period and return option seems much more generous than that offered by AZ Premium Mattress Co.

Thank you for reaching out to us. I can’t comment on the other brands since I do not fully know all the specs but I can say that our Ultimate Hybrid with the 1414 L&P Quantum Edge® Elite Combi-Zone pocket coils in 3 zones is more than sufficient for your weight. Anything under 30 ILD will probably not hold up to your weight so I suggest either a medium Dunlop (30-34 ILD) for a side sleeper or Firm Dunlop (35-39 ILD) if you sleep mostly on your backs. Return shipping costs are our exact costs and average around $125 depending on your zip code. Our return rate on this model is less than 1%. Most comfort issues can be solved with a comfort exchange which costs much less since we would only be swapping out the 3" latex layer. This model can also be customized to include 2 3" layers of latex and for your weight might not be a bad way to go. In that case I would get one of each Firm and Medium and then you can rearrange to get the best feel.