After 1st night -- feels too firm

I’m potentially excited about my new SleepEZ bed, but I have a couple of questions.

My bottom 2 layers are Medium dunlop with Firm dunlop at the bottom. I already had two 1" layers of soft talalay and I put those on top of the dunlop in a 9" cover.

So last night was my first on the new mattress. It felt too firm to me, I couldn’t quite settle in. There is supposedly an adjustment period … is my experience somewhat normal/typical? Will it feel less firm to me over time?

Should I do a “layer swap” – perhaps the middle layer, from medium dunlop to medium Talalay? Or would it be a better idea just to buy an extra 1" of soft talalay that I lay on top of the mattress?

I’ve been sleeping on the two 1" layers of soft talalay for a while, - it really worked for me, having those on top of my firm innerspring mattress that I’d slept on previously. From what I understand, a layer of latex outside your mattress cover will be softer (have more give) than a layer inside?

I am 5’8", about 120 lbs.

Any advice appreciated! Thanks, Vicki