AirBnB Full/Queen Bunkbed Mattress recommendation

Hello Mattressunderground - I’m needing a little help on picking out a couple of mattresses and a supplier for a full/queen bunkbed for an airbnb. I did a search on this site and picked up some tips, but the recommendations were a few years old.

Here’s what I’m working with-

Beds - Full over Queen bunkbed. This bed is being custom built and the builder normally builds them with a platform base.

This bunkbed is in the second bedroom of a two bedroom house. I own a king bed and mattress for the master bedroom.

My target goal is 2-4 people for the house. Mom,Dad, couple of kids-Two couples-Three adult weekend fishingmen-retired couple(snowbirds)-etc.

This is a mid priced weekend house, and looking for mattresses that is a good value for the money. Basically something that customers would walk away saying that was a nice bed without costing me a ton of money.

I’m in the Houston Texas area.

Buying online/shipping is Ok with me.

Any mattress recommendations and supplier would be very helpful.


Hi selkirk.

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It sounds like you’ve got quite the undertaking. Finding beds that will be comfortable to any variety of sleepers is quite the task. Keeping in mind that most people are combination sleepers (changing sleeping position throughout the night), it is usually wise to choose a comfort layer that is a little thinner than what would be required by ones “deepest” sleeping position (typically side sleeping) and then choose a support layer underneath that helps to sink in a little extra when needed. A middle layer or “transition layer” can be especially useful for those who sleep in multiple positions and it can help to sink in enough to help with pressure relief and also help keep a sleeper from sinking down too far and causing back issues.

Innerspring designs that are more conforming like pocket coils or offset coils or different foams that are softer on top and become firmer faster when they are compressed (such as latex) also make very good choices here.

Are you able to use a standard sized mattress or do you need an 8" profile for the top bunk?

While we think very highly of all of our Trusted Members, considering your budget needs, I would first recommend looking at…

Texas Mattress Makers (also in Houston)
The Mattress Factory (Ft Worth)

And then online…

Mattress to Go
Nest Bedding
Quality Sleep Shop
Mattress Makers

But do browse all of the listed members as it’s probable I forgot to mention some excellent fits for your purpose.

I hope this helps with a launching point.