Aireloom latex vs Georgianna Black series

I purchased a Simmons Black Georgianna ultra plush pillowtop mattress. I find that I could use a little more support and that it sleeps hot. I am still within the time to return it to the store where purchased. I have been looking at a Aireloom Latex Mattress. How do they compare in comfort and heat control.
Thanks for your help,

Hi Gary,

Unfortunately there are so many variables between body types, sleeping positions, and personal preferences that the only way to determine the relative comfort of a mattress is for each person to lie on it. Comfort is completely subjective to each person in other words and what feels “perfect” for one may be completely unsuitable for another.

In addition to this … subjective ideas of what is comfortable in a showroom can be one of the worst ways to choose a mattress. As you can see here … the odds of choosing a mattress that is suitable in terms of your individual and long term needs and preferences or what I call PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) may be less than random chance alone.

Finally … how long the initial comfort/pressure relief and support/alignment of a mattress will last and the “value” of a mattress depends entirely on the quality of all the layers and materials in the mattress. Low quality materials can feel just as comfortable as higher quality materials in a showroom but when lower quality materials begin to soften and degrade much faster … the comfort and support don’t last as long and the loss of both is not covered by a warranty. Post #5 here and post #2 here both talk about the most important parts of buying a mattress (or in your case exchanging for one).

Both of these manufacturers don’t willingly disclose the quality of the materials in their mattresses and both use lower quality materials than I would consider in mattresses in their price range. As you can see in the guidelines here … they don’t make it through the first two guidelines and I would not personally make a “blind purchase” of a mattress where the materials are likely to be much lower quality than you are paying for.

Knowing how cool a mattress is likely to sleep also depends on the knowing the materials in the upper layers especially (and what you use over the mattress in terms of mattress protector, sheets, and bedding). You can read more about all the factors that are involved in the temperature regulation and sleeping microclimate of a mattress in post #2 here and post #29 here.

If you are considering an exchange I would first spend an hour or so reading post #1 here and the information it links to (including how to test a mattress for pressure relief and alignment) before deciding on what to choose. It is the most important single post in the forum and will give you the basic information and guidelines you need to make good choices.

If you have questions along the way feel free to post them but you may need to “reset” what you have come to believe about which mattresses have good quality and value and how to find the one that is best for YOU.