All latex DIY help

Hi! I probably should have posted here instead of where I did, I didn’t realize you had your own section in these forums.

My other post is located here.

Would you mind checking out my other post and giving me your advice?

After reading your recommendations in this thread, I’m wondering if you would recommend blended latex over natural? You mention that blended latex model being your top seller.

Thank you so much for all your help, your site was such an eye-opening experience when I found it. The transparency and customization provided makes my little heart jump for joy. <3

Ooh, one more question if you don’t mind.

Assuming the same ILD and material is used, is there a noticeable difference in how long the 2" latex topper lasts versus the 3"? Would one wear out and need to be replaced quicker than the other? I’m on the fence on whether to upgrade to the 3" topper.

Thank you for reaching out to us. Based on your info the model and/or items you picked out are very suitable however I would strongly recommend a 3" Soft topper instead of the 2". The comfort you will get is worth the slightly less durability issue. Having a zippered cover means that when the topper finally does start to wear out you can easily replace it. The base core underneath will last much longer because the topper is what’s taking most of the wear and tear.
Blended vs. natural is purely a personal choice and no right or wrong. Blended will provide about 10% more durability.

Thank you Ken!! Really appreciate all the help, I’ll be putting my order in within the next few days. Big cheers buddy!