All latex mattress configuration

After much review, I’m planning on purchasing an all latex mattress (3 layers), but I’m torn on the configuration. Unfortunately, I don’t have any mattress stores local that sell these type of beds. I did feel a latex hybrid for the first time from Kingsdown at my local mattressFIRM, which felt amazing, but thanks to this forum steered me away from them and now has me looking at all latex. I’m 5’7" and currently 190 lbs (was about 180 pre-COVID :blink: ) and I’m a back sleeper. I favor firmer beds, but not so firm it feels like bricks. my current mattress is a standard hybrid and is med-firm and I still feel my hips sink too far in and causes mild back pain in the morning.

Everything I’ve been reading here here often times people say even the soft latex is firmer than their liking. That’s what has me scratching my head on what configuration. I’m torn between Medium Talalay - Firm Dunlop - Firm Dunlop or going with Medium Talalay - Medium Dunlop - Firm Dunlop.

I’m assuming if i go with the latter if it’s not firm enough, I could put the Firm Dunlop in the middle and the medium dunlop at the base?

Hi Jgigs.

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Congratulations on your mattress shopping journey thus far! You seem to be heading in the right direction.

I am glad that the forum has been offering you valuable insights. Yes, I think you are heading in a good direction with an all latex construction. The first thing you already accomplished was to determine if you like the mattress feel.

It’s likely that this mild back pain you’re experiencing can be attributed to your mattress. Lower back pains (especially in the morning) can be often an indication of foam breakdown and mattress sag compromising a neutral spinal alignment. I imagine you’ve come across this resource already, but if not, you may be interested in reading more about sleeping positions.

The feel of latex can sometimes require an adjustment period if you transition from memory foam products. Latex has the ability to be soft and conforming when it is initially compressed and then become firmer more quickly than other materials when it is compressed more deeply by someone of a higher BMI and “pointier” body shape. You probably know this but it’s worth mentioning that Dunlop Latex has a different “feel” and performance than Talalay Latex and is less lively or springy. You can see a comparison between Dunlop and Talalay in post #7 Your own experience is really the only way to know which one you prefer with any certainty.

Both configurations you mentioned would be suitable for your BMI and sleeping position. I would make sure to buy a mattress from a manufacturer that allows for layer exchanges; then you really can’t go wrong. You’re correct that you could swap the firm and medium Dunlop layers, for a firmer feel. Or, you could always ask the manufacturer to exchange a layer for you to help get you to the firmness that you are looking for. That’s one of the great things about being able to configure latex!

I hope this helps ease your mind as you move forward with your new latex mattress!

Please keep us posted here on how things turn out.



Thank you for your detailed reply. I ended up purchasing the 10" 3-layer mattress from Flexus Comfort and going with the Med (Tal) - Med (Dun) - Firm (Dun). I figured i can swap the middle and bottom layers if it feels to soft and even try the firm from my wife’s side if it still feels lacking before asking for a replacement layer. I’m excited to test it out, but i have a bit of a wait since everything is delayed due to COVID and I’m out in NJ.

Will def. keep you guys posted on initial impressions and periodic updates.

Hi Jgigs!

You are very welcome!

Congratulations on your new mattress from Flexus Comfort! :lol:

I look forward to your periodic updates once you have a chance to sleep on it for a while!