All Latex vs Foam/Latex

Dear all,
Im thinking about investing in a new matress. I suffer from low back and neck pains frequently.
I’ve talking to the Sleep EZ guys and they suggest a 10’ all latex matress with an adjustable base.
Is 10’ enough? is 9’ just the same? is all latex a better fit for my problem?


Hi esteva,

There is no “set” thickness that is “better or worse” for a latex (or any) mattress or for any type of health or back issue. It all depends on your body type and sleeping style and on how well a specific design provides you with what I call PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). More is not necessarily better and can sometimes be worse for some people.

Outside of personal testing on similar mattresses … more detailed conversations with a good manufacturer is the second best way to decide on the best layering for you because they can give you guidance based on their experience and on the “averages” of their customers that may be similar to you. They know their mattresses and which of the options they provide have the best odds of working well for certain body types and sleeping styles better than anyone else.

You can read a little more about the differences between an all latex mattress and a latex polyfoam hybrid in post #2 here.

You can also read a little more about mattress thickness and when a thicker mattress may be beneficial (vs the more average 8" to 9" of latex that is the most common choice) in post #14 here.

While some materials certainly have “better” or more desirable properties than other materials or have the “feel” and performance that some people prefer over others … it’s always the design and how well it matches your specific needs and preferences that is most important regardless of material. All materials can be used in certain combinations to make a mattress that is very suitable for one specific person and completely unsuitable for someone else.

The most important part of any mattress is the design and how well it works for your body type and sleeping style