All natural latex mattress in Calgary?

Can anyone please help me with finding an all natural latex mattress (Queen size) in Calgary. My budget is $2000 and I’m looking for 8-9" of latex. I don’t necessarily want the latex to be organic, just natural, but I definitely want the mattress cover&wool, to be as clean as possible, preferably organic.
These are the places I have already checked locally:

  1. As per recommendation from the membership list, first I went to Halstead, but had a really bad experience. The guy wasn’t very good at answering my questions and kept looking at the clock. He suggested I call for an appointment with Martin: do the pressure mapping with him and so on, until I make the order. Honestly I went there with really high expectations, with all the info on this forum, but now I’m not sure if I want to even have the appointment anymore. The service sucked.
  2. MattressMattress: these guys had the Pure LatexBliss line. I am specifically looking for all natural latex and want dunlop for the core, so they couldn’t offer anything like that.
  3. The Mattress & Sleep Company ( had the GreenSleep line. The cheapest models: Sienna with 6" of latex for $2,198 and Sogno with 6.5" (which can also be customized for his/her sides) for $2,398 CAD.
  4. EQ3 has the Natura Pure Mattress ( for $2,199. The description says it has a 8" natural latex core, but I can’t find anywhere what kind it is and how natural it really is. For some reason I suspect the majority of it is blended talalay. Can anyone else confirm the contents for this model?
  5. Essentia: just wanted to see the store and feel the product. The Classic 8 in Queen costs $2679, which is too much for me. Plus I don’t like their marketing, I think they are not a fully honest manufacturer.
  6. Labbe Bedding: didn’t contact them yet, but I understand they deal with synthetic foam only, so no natural latex there.
  7. I also still have to contact Sureline. Maybe they have at least some natural talalay from LI, not expecting to find any dunlop there.
    This is pretty much it. Is there any other place I could check?
    Should I just buy an overpriced GreenSleep mattress, or try the Halstead again?
    How about the online places? For example the Organic Select Sleep 10,000 (9" of latex) in Queen from is $1995, but when you add the shipping costs, it will be several hundreds over my budget. The regular natural Select Sleep 10,000 is $1750 which might just fit my budget, but in the end I think I’m too worried about buying something this personal and expensive without physically seeing and trying the product first.
    Any ideas?

Hi ciuvak,

This is not the “typical” experience here and I have no idea what may have happened. I would probably call Martin and tell him what you mentioned here and see what he says.

EQ3 Head Office Told me that these are 100% natural Talalay Latex. They are specially made for EQ3 by Natura.

As you can see from this thread and from this thread … I agree with you about the truth behind their marketing.

They are now wholesale only and their mattresses are available in Calgary from they use Talalay latex (blended), Energia (5 lb polyfoam) and 8 lb memory foam along with 1.8 lb base layers in various configurations and layerings. Some very interesting combinations but no Dunlop.

There is one more outlet in the Calgary list (The Mattress Maker) that uses Dunlop latex which may be worth looking at. I would tend to call Martin at Halstead though to see what they have available that “fits” what you are looking for and to find out what may have happened when you visited them.


So the NATURA is 100% natural talalay? That’s good to know. I also just found this page, and it shows this mattress as having just 6" of latex + 1" convoluted layer.
Do you think this is the same as the “EQ3 special” model? Then it would mean that the EQ3 description of 8" of latex is not really accurate…
Anyway, I think I’ll try Halstead again and deal directly with Martin. Also probably go to the “Mattress Maker” guy, because it’s close to my office.
I will post on how it all went. Thanks for your help!

Hi ciuvak,

The EQ3 mattresses are made by Natura but are their own design and not directly comparable to any of the “regular” Natura models (except by co-incidence) to my knowledge … and according to what they have told me.

I think a call to Martin would be a good idea … and I’d be interested in hearing how it goes.


The Pure mattress is an old model that is technically not available from Natura anymore (or so I have been told as a Natura dealer).

Hi Budgy,

When I talked with EQ3 … they told me that these are a house brand made under contract for EQ3 by Natura/Spring Air and they still have them on the floor. Sizes that aren’t in stock have a 5 week wait but are still being made for them.

Her comment about the Pure was that it was “really soft” for most people.


I have an Essentia Queen mattress I bought in Ottawa two years ago - am selling it but I am now in Dallas, Texas. I cannot sleep on it anymore. I am buying a coil mattress which I prefer. If you are interested, let me know - it won’t cost you $2000 and maybe you would enjoy a trip to Dallas to pick it up!

already got a mattress, thanks.

Hey Phoenix, I finally picked up my mattress from Halstead this evening. There are a few major issues, that I don’t want to write about yet, will try to work these out with the company first. If I can’t sort out the issues, I will write a pretty lengthy review, because the whole process wasn’t as easy as it seemed, and I would like to let people know what they’re getting into.
I hope to update soon.

Hi ciuvak,

Well you have me curious about the “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say.