Aloe Adelle (And Brooklyn Bedding) Review - 4/5 stars [UPDATED]

Please see my updated review in the 3rd post, as nearly all issues have been remedied through either time or the efforts of their sales staff since the original post

Hi all,

I figured it was my duty since this forum was so helpful to review my purchase. When buying online, you can never get enough information I feel like! I give the entire experience 2.25 out of 5 stars. The mattress getting a 3.5/5 and the customer experience getting a 1/5.

I went ahead and purchased the Aloe Adelle from Brooklyn Bedding. I’ve had it a week and I will say I’m generally pleased, though the mattress really hasn’t met expectations. If that doesn’t make sense, realize every review on the BB website for every mattress is 5-stars. I of course found this suspicious and to this day assume they filter out any sub-5 star review. But when you do that, you’re going to have people assume 5 stars is where the bar is at.

While I do believe the quality of the materials is there, I hope this post will provide some greater detail that I wish I would have known before purchasing.

1) If you like memory foam, there’s a very good chance you won’t love this mattress. They do say up front that this is a hybrid style mattress. Honestly, I don’t see why you would buy it. Perhaps the aloe alexis (two latex layers instead of 1 memory foam and 1 latex) is the better option. Because they put a quilted cover of approx. 1.5" of wool/other foam ABOVE the memory foam, this feels closer to a traditional mattress than a memory foam mattress and you’ll be sleeping more on it than in it. Imagine a spring mattress that you’re probably used to without the bounce, and you can picture what I mean. I am 150lbs and though I do feel a very slight presence of memory foam (I can tell that I’m sinking lower), the cover removes the memory foam’s ability to conform to your body’s crevices perfectly. Hybrid is right. It’s a little better than a spring mattress, but not as good as a traditional memory foam one where you lie right on the foam.

2a) The Post-Sale Customer Service is Atrocious. I’m thankful that the main parts of my bed are correct. As part of the Father’s Day Sale, I was told that I’d be given a free mattress protector and 2 free pillows with my purchase. I was advised by my salesman that even though I was getting a King bed, I should get Queen pillows since he believes the King ones are chronically understuffed and come out floppy. When my order arrived, the pillows included were King and were more like pancakes than pillows (it has roughly 60% of the level of stuffing that would be normal). I called my salesman to straighten it out. Left a message. I called him again days later. Voicemail again. I emailed the sales@ email account to try to explain that the wrong pillows were sent. I was told that the pillows were free, so they won’t take them back or exchange them.

Hold up.

They weren’t “free” like a giveaway. They were included as part of a sale. In fact, I was told they WOULDN’T honor the mattress underground 5% discount on my bed because of this other sale. So believe me, this wasn’t free. It was in place of another discount I could have taken. I replied and told this new salesman that my other salesman promised me queen pillows and as of now he is “looking into it” - that was 5 days ago.

The point of this story is this: imagine if there was something wrong with your bed. My salesman won’t pick up my calls even though he was very eager to talk multiple times before I made the purchase. The other guy is willing to investigate 5 days (and counting) for an error in what they sent me and it’s just pillows. Honestly whats the cost to make a pillow with scrap latex. $3? And you’d rather save that paltry sum than receive excellent customer service reviews?

2b) Zipper Issue

When my bed arrived, the zipper was inaccessible. See this photo:

Where my pliers are is where the zipper head is. It’s overlapping a full 12" beneath the other one. I called Dreamfoam (since it was their number, and not BB, that was on the return address – not to mention remember my salesman wasn’t taking my calls) and, surprise surprise, got voicemail and left a distress message. It’s been 6 days since I left that message and he hasn’t returned my call. I made myself bleed trying to coax the zipper out. This is something that easily could have been checked for assuming they had a quality assurance area. I eventually made a hook out of some metal wire and slid it down the small gap between the overlapping zipper layers and got it out. Again probably the biggest problem here is the support team has gone ghost since they received my credit card number.

3) Heat This is probably not their fault but it’s worth noting. The mattress sleeps hot for me. I woke up last night in a sweat. I found this odd considering it’s gel infused for cooling, AND that quilting layer is supposed to increase breathability. Plus remember I am only 150 pounds and barely sinking into the mattress, and we keep our bedroom at 67 degrees. Again not saying this is a Brooklyn Bedding specific issue, but just wanted to pass along that even though it’s gel-infused and even though they have an inch of wool above it, it’s clearly not immune from the heat issues in the foam industry.

In general, I find I’m sleeping just okay. Not great, not terrible. I find it interesting that even though it’s all foam, I’m still having lumbar pain and feel like it’s not as firmly supported as I’d like. I might try switching the memory foam and latex layers to see if that helps the heat/support issue.


I chose BB because they seemed to be the most popular on this website, and I figured if I was going to order online, which I was wary about anyway, I may as well try to get the highest rated company from peer reviews.

While the quality of the materials seems good, I probably would not order from them again just because if something goes wrong, they’re not there to back it up. Also this mattress just isn’t what I had envisioned, which is probably my fault since my wife and I both liked memory foam when we laid on it, and took a gamble that the cover wouldn’t be as thick as it is (see point #1). My final advice would be that if you’re ordering online, it’s probably best to stick to companies that have a trial period with a no-questions money back guarantee. While I might not return this mattress even if the guarantee was there just because of the hassle, if it was just a little bit worse I’d be considering it more seriously.

Sorry for being so negative. In the end, I do think I put it in the “good enough” category - hence the above average score of 3.5/5 stars. Just keep your expectations grounded :wink:

Just wanted to offer my observations and experiences with my Aloe Adelle and BB’s customer service.

I received my King Adelle two days ago. Like JDMWDC, I agree that the wool layer above the memory foam completely eliminates the conformability feeling of memory foam. However, I fully expected this following my discussions with Chuck and another salesperson before purchasing. They warned me that if I wanted a traditional memory foam feeling that I should consider the Cool Lux and Cool Supreme lines. My experiences with the Adelle fully meet my expectations in this regard.

Fortunately I didn’t have a defective zipper, so I have no experiences to share about that.

Regarding heat retention, in my two days I have not yet experienced any issues. I also found the shredded latex pillows to be excellent in this regard.

Regarding customer service, I had several conversations with salespersons both before and after purchase and found them extremely helpful. However: I was rarely able to speak with a live person during my calls, all of which were during business hours. Instead, I had to leave voicemails. Even chat was not attended during most days. Fortunately, my messages and emails were all returned promptly. I called the number on the website – perhaps this is different than the Dreamfoam number?

So far I am extremely satisfied with the mattress. I traded up from a 7-yr-old mid-end Simmons WorldClass that sagged so badly that I would wake up with back pain after just 3 hours (I weigh less than 150 lbs). I have had zero pain with the Adelle. I have experienced extremely deep sleep, even periods of REM, which I rarely experienced with that awful Simmons.

My advice for prospective BB customers: spend as much time as you need to speaking with BB before the purchase to make sure that your expectations are realistic and that you are getting the correct mattress. If you want a traditional conforming memory foam feeling, the Adelle is the WRONG mattress for you. On the other hand, if you want a supportive, conforming, and (hopefully) durable mattress, this appears to be a great choice.


Thanks for your input. I was told something similar about the hybrid feel of the mattress with that top, but was led to believe there was still a substantial memory foam “feel” but that I just wouldn’t sink in as far as laying directly on some memory foam. In the end, considering my wife and I both find this mattress to sleep warm, it’s probably a good thing we aren’t directly on memory foam as that can’t possibly be cooler. So maybe it’s not like memory foam, but I won’t miss it. Still, I wanted people to know it’s far enough removed from a tempurpedic style memory foam mattress that the difference is very noticeable.

It’s been a full two weeks now and I wanted to update my review for the better. To avoid confusion, I’m posting again and just editing the title of the original post.

After giving this review, I was contacted by my salesman who apologized for not getting back to me sooner and sent out the correct pillows right away. They just arrived today and are exactly what I envisioned – I think they’ll be excellent (though part of me still wonders why they don’t just stuff the King ones to the same degree as the Queen ones, so I can use the pillow cases that came with my sheet set). However that’s just a minor gripe and I’m happy to have gotten to experience shredded latex pillows at all. It’s not something I would have purchased, but they might find me a repeat customer every couple years to get new pillows.

My wife says her only complaint on the mattress is that it sleeps a little hot. I have only woken up in a sweat once, so feel like it won’t be a regular issue going forward. I also feel like I’m slowly getting used to the new mattress, and am sure there’s a break in period for any new mattress. In a month I will probably be even happier.

In short, thanks BB for getting back to me and correcting the order, it meant a lot.

I’m going to up the customer service overall to 3.5/5 and the bed to 4.25/5, weighing the bed heavier since that’s the important part. My overall experience to date is a 4/5. In my original post I mentioned that I would NOT buy from them again, but given the reconnection I will change that as well. There is a very good chance that my trouble connecting with them was an outlier, as many people on this forum have had great experiences. Happy hunting!

Just wanted to update my review to reflect my experiences with the Aloe Adele after nearly 5 years. In two words, “very disappointed.” The top layer has already developed a significant sag, despite that I weigh only 150 lbs. I wake up in the middle of the night, every single day, with lower back pain. The only comfortable position is to sleep on the very edge of the mattress, but then risk rolling off the bed. I have rotated the mattress 90 degrees, to no avail. Very disappointed that such a highly-rated mattress that cost significantly more than run of the mill Serta and Sealy garbage could not even last 5 years. My Simmons lasted 7 years before back pain began.

Is it a coincidence that the moderator of this site, Phoenix, also happens to be the location of Brooklyn Bedding?

Hi amaheshw.

Thanks for the update! I am sorry that you are experiencing lower back pains. Generally speaking issues with “pain” in the middle of the night or morning tend to be more alignment (deep support) related. I would also check the support system under your mattress to make sure that is still perfectly flat and that there are no areas that are sagging or that are bending under the weight of the mattress and the people sleeping on it. The system upon which the mattress is placed should provide similar support to having your mattress on the floor and you can test this by putting your mattress on the floor to see if it makes any difference. If it does then it’s possible that your support system could be part of the problem as well.

Fortunately you are well within the mattress warranty period for a claim. You haven’t specified how deep the impression is, but it would be well worth taking a few photos and measurements and contacting the company to ask them what options you have.

FYI I am not located in Arizona, and although I visited Phoenix the name choice has to do with rebirth and renewal. I also had lower back pains too before getting a suitable mattress and feeling like a new born. :slight_smile: