Aloe Adelle vs. Aloe Alexis


I am in the process of trying to select a new mattress. After reading through the great forums here over the past few days, I am considering both the Aloe Adelle (memory foam + latex + polyfoam) and the Aloe Alexis (two layers of latex + polyfoam) by Brooklyn Bedding. My wife and I “test drove” several mattress types a few days ago, and, honestly, coming off of a 14 year old innerspring, just about anything on the showroom floor felt like a giant improvement.

I don’t recall testing a hybrid such as the Aloe Adelle, and a search here on the forums showed no results on this particular mattress. I would appreciate any thoughts on the pros/cons between these two mattresses, and any other alternatives worth considering.

Aside from a few minor aches and pains from sleeping on a long worn-out mattress, neither my wife nor I seem to have any extraordinary sleep issues that we are looking to address. I guess we’re just looking for a decent “all-around comfortable” mattress at an affordable price.


Hi Skook,

The Aloe Adele is brand new and has only been on their site for a few days so there would be no feedback yet. The choice between this mattress and the Aloe Alexis would depend on your personal preference between sleeping on memory foam and sleeping on latex.

A latex top layer would be more durable than 4 lb memory foam but for those that prefer memory foam over latex then this would be a more “hybrid” feel with the slow response of memory foam somewhat modified and made a little more resilient by the latex underneath it. Memory foam has a more “in the mattress” and more motion restricting feel than latex which has a more resilient and “on the mattress” and more motion friendly feel.

While it doesn’t have latex in the mattress and I don’t know how they would compare in terms of feel … The Tempurpedic Weightless Supreme has a similar concept with 2" of softer memory foam on top with 3" of a more resilient foam underneath it.

The good news as well is that if the Adele isn’t quite the way you want it you can exchange either the memory foam or the latex layer for either a different density memory foam or a different firmness of latex so you can turn one Aloe mattress into the other.


Thank you, Phoenix. The interchangability that you pointed out is good to know and makes the decision to buy a mattress online less stressful. I had also considered Brooklyn Bedding’s Total Latex mattress, but it is more expensive, and my wife has a habit of thinking that everything should cost no more than it did 30 years ago.

Unless someone screams from the rooftop that the Aloe Alexis is a bad buy, I think it is at the top of my list. Now I just need to talk my wife into “upgrading” from a queen to a king. She is perfectly content with a queen because she starts out in the middle of the bed and works her way over to my side from there…

I prefer to be cool while I sleep, and so I’m thinking there is a greater chance that the Aloe Adelle (memory foam top layer) may sleep hotter than the latex top layer. However, this opinion is based purely on what I’ve read in the past week or so and not on actual experience. As I said, anything will be better than what we have now.

Hi Skook,

It would even be great if things cost the same as they did even 10 years ago … but that’s wishful thinking and the mattress world has gone downhill a lot in that time.

You sound like you have some similarities to my household. I can’t tell you how may times I’ve woken up on a narrow strip at the edge of my side of the bed … sometimes with one leg hanging off the side. Quite frankly though … I don’t mind because I’m a very “still” sleeper and nothing seems to bother me when I’m asleep (I’m famous for being able to sleep in any circumstances) … but besides the sprawling she also needs more room for all the pillows she sleeps with :slight_smile:

You’re right that memory foam tends to sleep warmer than latex although the newer more breathable or gel memory foams are better than the older generation of memory foam in this way. There are also other factors involved in the sleeping temperature of a mattress besides just the top layer of foam which you can read about in post #2 here.



I ordered and received the Brooklyn Bedding Aloe Alexis with their firmness level of “6”, which is the polyfoam core, a 3" 28 ILD layer of latex and a 3" layer of 24 ILD latex.

This evening, I set up the bed with the 28 ILD layer on the bottom and the 24 ILD layer on top. I thought it was maybe a bit too soft, but my wife was sure that the bed wasn’t as firm as she was hoping it would be. Anyway, I switched the layers so that now the 24 ILD layer is under the 28 ILD layer. Is this set up okay, or is it counter-intuitive to have the firmer layer on top of the softer layer? In other words, will this actually provide a firmer bed? Is there any harm in doing this as far as the longevity of the bed if a support layer is softer than the comfort layer?

We agreed to try the bed for at least a few days before making a decision whether to return at least one topper for a firmer one. If we do decide to return the 24 ILD layer, do you believe having two 28 ILD layers will be noticeably firmer, or should we maybe go to a 32 ILD topper so that we then will have a 32 ILD support layer and a 28 ILD comfort layer?

Brooklyn Bedding advertises a 120 free exchange policy, and so, except for the hassle of packing up the two toppers, an exchange shouldn’t be a big deal, but I would prefer to be happy with what we have.

Thanks for all of the help.

Hi skook,

While its generally best to talk directly with the manufacturer about their own mattresses (they have much more knowledge of their own designs than I do) … in this case I can tell you it would be fine. It’s called a “dominating” layer and it’s quite common when you have various layered mattresses to have a firmer layer over a softer one as part of “fine tuning”.

You would probably notice the difference but it would be the least amount of difference possible and I would probably go with the 28/32 if you are looking for a more noticeable change. Again though … it’s much better to talk to BB about this because they have much more knowledge of their own designs than I do.

You will go through an adjustment period and the mattress will also go through an initial break in period so if at all possible I would wait for 30 days before making any exchange to make sure that you are taking both into account before making any changes and to make sure that the changes you make are more reflective of your long term experience.


Hi All,
I’m new to the forum, and based on your reviews, I’ve narrowed it down to the Aloe Adelle and the Aloe Alexis. I plan to ask them for advice, but I figured I’d ask you too.
The way I’ve gotten the best sleep in the past at home is on a medium to firm mattress topped with a very fluffy feather bed. I like the feeling of support topped with cuddly softness.
I’ve slept on guest beds that I think were the Tempurpedic Weightless, and that is my other best sleep.
In your experience, which is closer to the fluffy-cuddly-top, support-under – a memory foam layer over latex, or a soft latex layer over a firmer one?
I know they allow you to exchange, but I’d like to get it right the first time. I’m sleeping on something uncomfortable right now, and I’m miserable – waking up in the night, tossing and turning. I need a good night’s sleep ASAP.

Hi kate78,

I can only speak to the quality and value of a mattress and from this perspective they are both great. There are too many variables involved though for anyone else to predict how someone will feel on any specific mattress based on any “formula” or theory. What feels one way for some will feel very different for another depending on differences in body type, sleeping styles, room conditions (in the case of memory foam), preferences, sensitivities, and physiology. The only way to know for certain how any mattress will feel is with your own personal testing on mattresses with a similar design or your own personal experience in sleeping on it.

If this isn’t possible … then the next best way to choose is with more detailed conversations with a manufacturer who is more familiar with all the details of their mattresses than anyone else and and can help you make the choice that you believe is best for you based on the “averages” of their customer base and their own knowledge and insights and about what their customers that appear to be similar to you have been happy with.

The Tempurpedic weightless is a different design from both of these and Tempurpedic doesn’t disclose the details of what is in them so there is no way to match them with any other mattress outside of real time side by side testing (see post #4 here about trying to match different mattresses) but since memory foam and latex are very different materials with a completely different feel and response … the Adelle would probably be closer in theory because it also has memory foam on top like the Tempurpedic weightless and a more resilient material underneath (even though the materials and design are different) while the Alexis has latex on top.