Aloe Alexis-Is it worth it?

Hi Phoenix,
I m seriously looking at Aloe Alexis but was wondering that isn’t it too less of latex
that I ll end up with? Aloe comes with:
7 " 2.1 lbs HD Poly Foam as base layer
2 - 3" layers of latex blended (60sbr/40natural).
1" of another layer of poly foam which sits on top of latex layers

Price is $1699 with free shipping but we all know that nothing is “free” in this world so
they must have baked in the shipping cost in the actual price.

In your opinion, do we get the best bang of our buck here considering the fact that we are getting “only 2-3 inch layers of blended latex?”
I m not asking for your opinion if it makes sense or anything, rather I m looking for an expert advice on the decision of buying this bed
from cost vs benefit ratio.

Hi mattressseeker,

[quote]In your opinion, do we get the best bang of our buck here considering the fact that we are getting “only 2-3 inch layers of blended latex?”
I m not asking for your opinion if it makes sense or anything, rather I m looking for an expert advice on the decision of buying this bed
from cost vs benefit ratio. [/quote]

Your question is really impossible to answer because there is no way to quantify the best “bang for the buck” based on the benefits for any particular person. It would depend on your specific criteria and preferences and the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you. Post #13 here has more about how I would assess the “value” of a mattress purchase for any particular person.

Brooklyn Bedding is one of the members here which means that I think very highly of them and they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of quality, value, and service. You will find that the mattresses that are made by the same manufacturer are all in a similar “value” range from a material or commodity point of view (except in most cases higher budget mattresses will have a slightly higher margin) but of course a mattress isn’t a commodity where it’s value can be measured by the cost per inch of foam or the cost per pound of fabric.

You can read more about a latex hybrid vs an all latex mattress in post #13 here and the post it links to which also include some comments about the Alexis and a forum search on Alexis will bring up many more comments and feedback about it that may help you decide if it’s the"best bang for the buck" for you regardless of how anyone else may answer the same question.
There are certainly many forum members who have purchased it that are very happy with their purchase.


With all due respect, I have realized from your answers that you keep us wandering in search of a perfect mattress.
I m sure that other readers of this forum would agree with me on this that you never give an straight answer to the questions.
I asked for your opinion on cost vs benefit ratio on Aloe Alexis but yet again your reply was so convoluted that I m lost in it.
Can you please answer if the construction of Aloe Alexis (specially when it only has 2-3 " layers of blended latex) is worth $1699?
I m sure that you get some commission from these mattress manufacturers but pls try to be a little cognizant of the fact that we, the buyers are also spending our hard earned money and a sincere and clear advice will help us tremendously.

Hi mattressseeker,

As you can see in post #5 here and in post #4 here … only you can decide whether any mattress is “worth it” to you based on how well you believe you will sleep on it, on how long you will sleep well, and all the other criteria that are important to you. That’s not something that someone else can answer for you.

The goal of this site is to help the members here with “how” to choose not with “what” to choose.

Your question is much like asking whether a particular food is “worth it” when it is really a matter of personal preference, individual circumstances and criteria, and what else you are comparing it to.

I realize that many people come here may be looking for more specific answers that they don’t realize are impossible to answer or that don’t involve their own research or “best judgement” but I don’t provide answers to questions that I can’t know, are impossible to answer without taking individual criteria into account, or that are based on individual preferences that each person needs to decide for themselves.

I personally wouldn’t hesitate to purchase any of the mattresses made by Brooklyn Bedding or any of the other members of this site or an even larger list of manufacturers that are mentioned throughout hundreds of posts on the forum if they were the best match for me in terms of PPP and the parts of my personal value equation that are most important to me (see post #5 here). From this perspective and based on the quality of the materials they would certainly be “worth it”.

I point to better options and possibilities wherever I see them regardless of whether they are a member here or not and my goal is to provide the information you need to make more informed choices based on all the criteria that are most important to you … not to make those choices for you.


Consider that my “only” preference is to have a latex mattress, don’t have any PPP preference.
I only need your opinion if aloe Alexis material is worth spending 1699?
Specially when there are only 2 layers of blended latex and the other major component is poly foam?

Hi mattressseeker,

You can find many different ways to ask the same question but my answer will be the same.

PPP is an essential part of a purchase decision and can’t be separated out from the “value” of a purchase. Neither can the other parts of a mattress purchase that may be important to each person.

As I’ve already mentioned … the “value” of a mattress purchase depends on your circumstances, the criteria that are most important to you, and on what you are comparing it to. In other words … “worth it” compared to what … and for who?

Just as one example … if you were to compare it to the Sealy Optimum newness latex mattress here which also has 6" of latex (continuous pour Dunlop which is a less costly version of latex) over a polyfoam support core it would certainly be worth it based on the “commodity value” of the materials in each (excluding all the other factors that may be important to you) since the Optimum sells for $2774 (queen) and the Aloe Alexis sells for $1499 (queen) even though the cost and quality of the materials is the same or better and the options that the Alexis has available to customize the mattress both before and after a purchase are also much better (the Optimum doesn’t provide any options to customize the mattress … only to exchange it for another one if the retailer has an exchange policy).

Another example would be someone who was considering the Bamboo Bliss vs the Aloe Alexis. If they were in a much lighter weight range and had a more restrictive budget then the additional layer of latex in combination with a lower budget may not be “worth it” to them. On the other hand for someone that was comfortable in a higher budget range and was much heavier and would compress the top layers more deeply then the benefits of an additional layer of latex would almost certainly be “worth it”.


Thanks Phoenix …
I feel like a sheep who is being driven in a “particular” direction by the “shepherd”… So I ll keep searching on other blogs too
before I think I am ready and informed enough to make the decision …

Hi mattressseeker,

That’s a somewhat “strange” comment considering that the goal of the site is to make sure that the direction that you choose to go and the criteria you use to assess and choose a mattress are based on what is important to you rather than anyone else. Of course I would encourage you to use any source of information that you find useful or valuable.

I think that the type of advice you are looking for and asking me to provide would be more “sheep like” than having a method that can teach you “how” to choose and “why” to choose it rather than “what” to choose.

Granted it can take more thought and effort … but I believe it’s worth it because you will end up making a better choice based on your own personal criteria than you could end up making otherwise if you only followed other people’s criteria or definition of “value” to purchase a mattress for yourself.