aloe alexis question....

After WAY too much research I finally decided on a BB Aloe Alexis Mattress in a number 6, queen. I’m 5’10" 250 lbs and a side lying sleeper (who always wakes up with shoulder pain) and my wife is 130-ish (gotta be careful :wink: ) When I asked my wife about softer or firmer in a text-- she responded firmer. (of course SHE doesn’t have the insomnia issues I do!) I like the idea of a softer mattress and was going to get an 8–which is considered ultra plush. My feeling is that my elbow will deflect the mattress more with a softer mattress and keep me in a better alignment/natural state. Before it’s too late (I JUST placed my order) would you kind people chime off on my thoughts; especially would love to hear from fellow aloe alexis owners. Thanks to all at this forum-- helped me elect NOT to buy from BIAB-- cancelled my order.

Hi pippin65,

Congratulations on your new mattress … you’ve certainly made a great choice :slight_smile:

My personal thoughts are that I would make your firmness choice based on your more detailed conversations or chats with Brooklyn Bedding. They have more experience and would generally be more knowledgeable about matching their firmness options to different body types and preferences than anyone else based on their experience and the “averages” of their customers. Each person may have very different perceptions of the same mattress so what works well for one person may not work well at all for someone else (even if they are in the same weight range).

One of the advantages of this mattress as well is that you still have the option to either reverse the layers or exchange a layer if you need to make any adjustments after a purchase so you can use your own personal sleeping experience as a reference point.

Having said that … hopefully some of the other members that have purchased the Alexis will see your post and share their thoughts about the firmness choices they made.


All I have to say about my Aloe Bed from Brooklyn Bedding is contained in this thread with plenty of pictures —> Here

Im sure you will be pleased and im sure BB will make sure your happy.

I think the 6 ( 24 ILD over 28 ILD) is a good starting point for you, considering you have the potential to swap a layer. Just be patient and allow yourself time to adjust, I am 5’11" 220 and T is about 180 and our selection though a bit different is really plush and has good support from that 28 ILD. The shoulder pain your referring to may be more pillow related then bed so be careful when evaluating the firmness level of the layers. Give it some time I too have the same soreness and if yours is similar to mine it also could be sleeping habit related and this could take a bit longer for you to adjust. Even though your mattress may be the correct choice in comfort and alignment that shoulder can stay tender for a while and your body will compensate for it during your sleep. Though I still experience a bit of shoulder discomfort it doesn’t seem to last as long as it use to. sometimes I wake with none, sometimes I wake with some, sometimes its loose within an hour of sleep and many times its gone within a day or so…I think as far as I am concerned its more of a bad sleeping habit then the comfort level of my Aloe Mattress.

I have done a quick write up on their pillows also and would suggest you spend the extra 50 something bucks (cheap money when it comes to pillows) for the combo and the memory foam pillows – > Here. Their sister company sells a greater variety of pillows (Latex, Memory Foam, Combo and adjustable) which are similar in quality and materials as the free ones you should be getting but all will give you different options when it comes to support you should be able to find one to fit your needs, my guess is one of those pillows (which ever is best for you) will make a big difference in the discomfort you are experiencing in that shoulder.