Alternative for Beautyrest Recharge Crossover?

Having just purchased a new king size bed, I am in need of a new king size mattress. My wife and I were running some errands and decided to stop by a chain mattress store (Mattress Firm) to get an idea as to what we liked and didn’t like. We came out liking two different types of mattresses, the Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Crossover Plush and the Tempur-pedic Cloud Supreme Breeze. Since we would not like to spend anywhere near what they are asking for, we are looking at alternatives.

At this point I am considering the Brooklyn Bedding Cool Supreme and SelectFoam’s Cirrus Supreme-ES 11 as an alternative to the TP. However, I am unable to find an alternative to the Simmons, which my wife prefers. The rep did mention that the Crossover line is exclusive to Mattress Firm, but I thought that there might be something out there that could be comparable.

Any Ideas?

Btw, I am really thankful that I found this forum. It has provided a wealth of information!

Hi sccrzeus,

The first suggestion I would have is to make sure you have read post #1 here and the posts it links to which have all the basic information, steps, and guidelines you will need to make the best possible choices. It will also (hopefully) help you avoid most of the worst choices such as the chain stores who generally know little about the mattresses they sell (except the marketing stories and techniques they are trained to use) and major brands who either don’t disclose the quality of the materials in their mattresses or have poor value compared to mattresses that use similar or higher quality materials made by smaller local or regional manufacturers that are either sold factory direct or through better sleep shops.

You can read a little more about trying to “match” another mattress in post #4 here. With the Simmons, the only way to “approximate” the “feel” would be more subjectively with side by side testing with another mattress unless a manufacturer happens to be familiar with that specific mattress and have specifically tested their mattresses against it but this would be unlikely. This would also be based on “initial feel” alone because Simmons doesn’t disclose meaningful information about the quality of their materials except in generic terms so you couldn’t make quality or value comparisons even if the “feel” was similar. With lower quality materials that soften or break down more quickly, the similarity in how they feel would also not be consistent over time.

Because the Temmpurpedic line is so widespread familiar to most people … many memory foam manufacturers are much more familiar with how their mattresses compare to them in terms of “feel”, quality of materials, of design, and in some cases all three.

Once you get to step 3 … if you let me know your city or zip code I’d be happy to let you know of any better options or possibilities I’m aware of in your general area.