Alternatives to Tempur-Pedic Pro Adapt

So I really like the feeling of the tempur-pedic pro-adapt medium (both full foam and hybrid versions)- though I definitely don’t want to spend the $2800. I’ve also read Tempur-Pedic is a poor value in general but especially the new pro-adapt line has terrible quality (e.g. according to Jordan’s the base is 1.6 lbs density).

It seems most online memory foam mattresses compare themselves to having a similar to feel to the cloud lux- though I kind of hate that mattress (too soft and too much sink). Nest Bedding told me their hybrid would be their model that was most similar so I ordered that. Strangely enough despite having 3" of memory foam the mattress doesn’t even feel like a memory foam mattress to me- very quick response.

Any advice on where or what to look for to replicate the pro-adapt medium? I would not mind if it was a tad firmer.


Hi matressshopper123

In order for us to help you, we need to know how the Tempur Pro Adapt is made?
From the photo on their website it looks like it’s a combination of visco-elastic polyfoam over some convoluted foam. Do you know how thick the layers are?

So according to Jordans these are the components:

Quilt: Smart Climate Dual Cover
Cool to Touch
Comfort Layers: 2.0" Tempur Material 4.1lbs
2.0" Tempur APR Material 5.0lbs
2.75" Base layer 1.6lbs
5.7" Airflow Base layer 1.6lbs

Hi matressshopper123,

You can try and replicate it, here is my suggestion to you:

Quilt: Tencel cover
Comfort Layers: 2.0" 4lb memory foam
2.0" 5lb memory foam
3" Base layer HD 2lbs 30 ILD
5" Airflow Base (convoluted top) layer HD 2lbs 40 ILD

Did I answer all your question?
Please let me know if you need any further information.

All the Best!

You did, thanks!