Another latex success story - courtesy of Mattresses247

Last year our conventional pillow top mattress finally wore out after a dozen years (they used to actually last that long). Fortunately we had bought a pillow top mattress for our guest room a couple years ago, and it lasted barely a few months before we noticed that it was already shot. I say “fortunately” because that experience allowed us to learn how flimsy they are now and how little the manufacturers/stores really care about their customers or their products after the 90 day trial period. If it weren’t for this experience I’m sure we would have gone out and wasted several thousand dollars on a new king size pillow top mattress to replace ours when it bit the dust mites back. Thank God for latex. After scouring the internet for weeks about this while my back hollered at me to move faster we decided on latex vs memory foam for all the common reasons, and also decided to order from Mattresses 247 for all the common reasons, i.e. selection, price and service. Valerie was great, especially in helping me design the mattress and decide what to purchase (she actually had me submit an order that was less expensive than I’d planned - get that in a store!) My wife wanted a 12 inch mattress so the sheets would fit well, (by the way, we are 230 and 150 pounds, except during the holidays) and I wanted that much support (our dying mattress was 16 inches thick), and we’re both value conscious. So, after much research and talking to Valerie I ordered 6 pieces of latex to make these combinations…M/F/XF, and S/M/F…a 3" thick piece of Lux-R foam from the Foam Factory to put under the latex, and a Mattresses 247 foundation. The Lux-R is really cheap, very firm foam that I decided to use to make the mattress 12 inches thick after Valerie convinced me I didn’t need 12 inches of latex, and this saved about $500. Shipment came with no problem, the quizzical looks of the UPS driver were really funny (I told him it was a mattress and he looked even funnier), the foundation went together without a hitch (ingenious design) , all this latex exploded into the bedroom as it was unpacked, I was able to convince my wife I wasn’t crazy, and we commenced several weeks of testing the latex in different combinations. Unlike the pictures, the latex isn’t bare but each layer comes in a really nice gauzy, silky cover that makes them easy to handle. After all the experimentation we ended up with these combinations…M/M/XF on my side and S/M/F on my wife’s side. So I had to order an additional Medium layer and returned a Firm layer. My side was a little firm still but my wife was happy so to kind of compromise I ordered a 1 inch very soft topper from a different source that was about 17 ILD. It actually fit inside the 12 inch mattress cover. I threw a Dormier wool mattress cover on and we’ve been sleeping great. My back and my wife are both happy, without worrying about the longevity of this mattress.

Hi dbissett,

Thanks for taking the time to share such detailed feedback about your mattress and your experiences with Mattresses 24/7 as well … I appreciate it.

It sounds like you did very well … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: