Any discount mattress stores you recommend in MN?

I have been reading all of this information online and I am a bit overwhelmed, so I thought I should start looking locally. We are near the twin cities and trying to find a place to shop in Minnesota. I did a google search for “discount mattress stores MN” and can’t find anything I trust that sells what I am looking for. From what I read, I believe I would like to purchase a latex foam bed, preferably Talalay. My husband and I are both 5’6" and weigh less than 200 lbs, and sleep on both our sides and stomaches. We want to buy a King size bed, but I checked out a bed from custom sleep design and it was almost $5000. I was hoping to spend less than $2000. Please help by recommending a local store we can trust.

Hi schneidy29,

As your post suggests you have already discovered … the most effective approach in buying a mattress is to first find the best sources and then to start with the process of choosing a mattress. The guidelines in post #10 here (and the information it links to) will greatly increase your odds of making the best possible choice.

Custom Sleep Design makes very good quality and value mattresses (and they are a little lower than the price you quoted for just a King “mattress only”) but they are also a more “premium” mattress and a purchase there would be somewhat like buying a custom fitted suit that was hand built to your individual measurements. They are definitely in a higher budget range than mattresses that don’t have the same degree of individual customization for each person on the mattress.

The better choices in the Minneapolis/St Paul area I’m aware of are listed in post #2 here.

You have some very good options available locally :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your help. I had tried to do a search for MN on this site, but couldn’t find anything. We are moving in about a month and will then make a purchase. I will try to remember to come back and give an update. I really appreciate the time you took to create this site!