Any feedback on Costco's Sleep Science 9" Natural Latex?

Phoenix or anyone else have have experience with or knowledge of Costco’s all latex mattress? Don’t think I’ve seen mention or reviews of Costco beds on any site except Consumer Reports (for their memory foam, which they rate highly). The price looks competitive (they are having a sale now) and their return policy, as far as I can determine, is quite generous. Not sure there is even a time frame to return, but plan to check this with a live person. I’m not a Costco member but a warehouse recently opened nearby and would have the virtue of being able to try out the mattress. Willing to become a member if I can get a bed that best suits my needs and budget. After all, the cost of a year’s membership at Costco, while pretty expensive, pales in comparison with the cost of a good latex bed!


Hi rand,

This thread may be helpful :slight_smile: