Any recomendations on made in the U.S wood frame Beds

Now since I have my new mattress picked out I wanted to buy a made in the U.S platform bed with heaboard. Originaly we found one at a futon store that my wife and I both liked manufactured by night and day furniture but later I found out it is made in china. I found a similar looking bed made at a local store but it was three times the cost. Any recomendations on beds made in the U.S (or even Los Angeles) that are reasonable priced (400-700 range?)

Hi Anonymous,

Unfortunately my area of expertise is in mattresses rather than beds or furniture but hopefully the members here may have suggestions about some of the beds they have come across.

One thing I do know is that there is just as wide a variety in bed pricing and materials as there is in mattresses and that so called “wood” beds are often anything but “all wood”. While it is widely believed that “you get what you pay for” … I don’t buy into this theory so much in either furniture or mattresses. I personally believe that while this may hold true in comparing different types of products within a single outlet or manufacturer, that the differences in quality and value between different outlets and manufacturers is amazingly wide.

A good start (from my limited perspective) would be some initial research into the strengths and weaknesses of the different types of wood and engineered wood products like particle board and MDF and others which can give better insight into why some products may be (or at least should be) less than others. Perhaps some of the local mattress manufacturers may also have some knowledge of local furniture manufacturing or outlets that they respect or would recommend in their area.


I will weigh in on this as I just did some extensive research on that exact question for a latex bed being selected.

My need is for one without a headboard and a very simple style, but these lines seemed to be decent quality and value from what I could see. I have not dug too deep yet into these–just thought I would share my short list:

These guys carried a wide selection including the above brands:

There are several dealers that also carry these brands, and I never got to the point of doing any price comparisons–was more interested in short list and heights as that may be a factor given the new bed and platform combo has to be in couple inch range for my application mating to an existing bookcase style freestanding headboard.

This was my budget choice on the list–not sure if they make any headboard combos for this:

Hope this helps!

One other suggestion is, if you have a local one, try an unfinished furniture store. Mine locally is called Naked Furniture, and I have purchased a lot of furniture there over the years. That is typically a good solid value equation and you can save some money and get a custom finish by doing your own finishing. (They do custom finishes at a very reasonable price from my experience–pretty solid value overall in a solid wood American made product from my comparison shopping) My bookcase style headboard was obtained that way and is a solid quality hardwood product that was very reasonably priced.

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions, I appreciate it.