Any thoughts on Novusbed?

I’m looking for a king memory foam and am curious what you think of that brand. Frankly, the quality is more important to me than the pricing. We got a mattress from the Original Mattress Factory 2 1/2 years ago and it has already sagged and turned uncomfortable. No more box spring mattresses for us.

I’m also interested in opinion on adjustable bed frame. Is it worth it? Should I do split king or not?

I’m in the Minneapolis area.

Thanks much.

I should also have mentioned that information overload makes me freeze. I would rather just have someone give me two great options and run with it!

Yor site is absolutely amazing!

Hi kbeaub,

You can see some of my thoughts about Novosbed in post #7 here.

The choice of an adjustable bed is a preference so only each person can answer for themselves whether or not it’s worth it. For those who like the features and options they can provide (sitting up for watching a movie, working, or reading, massage for those who like this feature, or for elevated sleeping when suitable for those who would benefit from this) … and I’m one of them … it may well be worth it. For those who wouldn’t use the features … it wouldn’t.

I personally have one not as a necessity or need but as a “luxury” which both of us enjoy (mainly for watching movies, reading, working on the computer in “relax” mode, or the occasional meal in bed :)). You can see some adjustable bed comparisons in post #2 here and the links it contains.

If you and your DH would want to use the adjustable bed in different positions (such as one reading and the other one sleeping etc) or if one of you has medical needs that would benefit from a different sleeping position from the other … then a split king mattress may be a good idea. If not … the adjustable bed will be split king anyway (they don’t come in a single king) but a non split mattress would eliminate any issues from having a split in between two mattresses as a tradeoff for the lack of individual adjustment. Again … this would be a preference choice and only you would know which was best for your circumstances. the remotes can be st to operate both of the split king units separately or together.

While I may not be able to narrow down your mattress choices to just two … if you go by the memory foam list in post #12 here (along with Novosbed) you will at least have eliminated many of the worst online choices and you will have the means to make meaningful comparisons between them based on their specs (which better manufacturers or retailers will always provide) and on any other differences in service and options available between them (along the lines of post #46 here)

I would narrow down your choices to the one mattress at each manufacturer or retailer you wanted to consider (if you wanted fewer options you could always include just the ones who were members here) and then choose between your “best” choices at each one based on the quality/value of the mattress itself, the options provided both before and after the sale by each merchant, and on any of the other objective, subjective, and intangible considerations (including how you feel about talking with each one on the phone) and make your final choices between them.

In terms of the adjustable bed … at least your list of sources is narrowed down to 3 :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much. This is grat information.

Ok. I went to several sleep stores have have decided I want a replica of either the Tempurpedic Grand Bed or the Luxe.
As soon as my wifes casts come off (long story), I will let her choose.

If I’m reading everything correctly, has a bed nearly exact to the Luxe. Is that correct?

On edit: I now see that and has a different makeup of their Grand Bed equivalent.

Unparralleled Luxury Comfort
2" of 8lb SELECT-HD™ in Pillowtop
4" 5.3 lb SELECT™ Support Layer
HIGH Conformity


3" 8lb SELECT-HD™ Memory Foam for unmatched pressure relief
2" 5.3lb SELECT™ Support Layer for help with joint and back pain relief
Highest level of body conforming for cradling comfort and support
Removable Cashmere cover for luxurious cooling in summer and warmth in winter

Hi kbeaub,

Yes … the Selectfoam models are designed to feel and perform very similarly to their equivalent in the Tempurpedic lineup. While no mattress that uses different variations of foam will feel “exactly” the same … their mattresses are specifically designed and tested (both by Selectfoam itself and in side by side comparisons with Tempurpedic by customers in their bricks and mortar store) to be very similar to the Tempurpedic lineup.

The differences in layering (using similar or better foam quality) are because of the differences in the properties of the different foams so the layers will vary slightly from the Tempurpedic (even though the quality is the same or better) to take these differences into account. There are hundreds of different varieties of memory foam and polyfoam made by different manufacturers which have differences in feel and performance between them. In other words … the goal is that the combination of materials (rather than any individual layers by themselves) are designed to be as close as possible.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Phoenix.
The bed and Legg and Platt Prodigy adjustable base has been ordered. Juan at Selectfoam was very helpful.
They also have a Christmas special going on, which included another $300 off and a “9 piece bed bundle set”. (2 pillows, mattress and pillow protectors, and sheets)

I will keep you posted as to how the process goes.

Hi kebaub,

Congratulations on your new mattress … and adjustable bed :slight_smile:

Just as a matter of reference for other reading this … there is usually an ongoing sale on their mattresses although the sale benefits can change from time to time.

I also hope you let them know you are a member here so that you received the additional 5% discount on your mattress.

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you’ve had a chance to sleep on it!


Still waiting for any shipments. I’m a bit surprised that I haven’t gotten 2 of the 3 shipments so far. Juan did tell me that the mattress had to be made, so I wouldn’t get it until either this week, or at the latest Jan 7.

The ones that are surprising that I haven’t received yet are:

  1. Bedding and Pillows - I hope these get here soon as this is our first king bed and I wanted to wait to buy more bedding after we determine if we like having the split king or just regular king sheets.

  2. The Prodigy adjustable bed. According to Juan, I would likely be receiving this soon after the original order as it ships immediately. Getting the mattress before getting this part would be very disappointing.

I have sent an email to selectfoam to ask about status. Hopefully they will respond in a timely fashion.

on edit: When everything shows up, it will be time to buy at least one more set of sheets. Since I’m already in for a pound, thoughts on some spectacular sheets?

Hi kbeaub,

Just speculating because I don’t know all the details of how they ship but I think that the bedding package is included with the mattress so these may arrive together.

Also speculating … the adjustable bed has to be shipped with truck freight rather than UPS which can take much longer (especially over holidays) from initial shipment to destination but of course they could probably tell you more about this as well.

I’m not what I would consider to be a bedding expert but if I had my choice in sheets I would choose between bamboo or other viscose fibers (for the soft feel and moisture wicking qualities of viscose) … high quality Supima or Egyptian cotton (in a medium/high thread count not the highest possible thread count for breathability and overall quality and durability) or perhaps best of all Linen (flax fibers) because of their coolness, strength, and how they soften and become more comfortable over time.

There is more information and links to some resources for sheets and bedding in post #26 here along with post #3 here.

I know that Costco also has some good value cotton sheets from time to time.

Hope this helps


An update.

Juan at selectfoam called me yesterday and told me the mattress will definitely ship early next week. He seemed surprised that I still haven’t gotten the adjustable bed. I am also surprised and a bit disappointed. I did ask if I could expect the bedding with the mattress and he said no. They ship separately. He also said I shouldn’t expect getting the bedding before I get the mattress.

Holy moly is it tough finding split king sheets in stores. I think I’ve given up.

I will probably buy bamboo sheets. It looks like the best price for something decent is about $170 for the set. It’s too bad they don’t sell separates as I have no desire to use king pillows. If anyone has found a more competitive price, I sure would like to hear about it.

Phoenix, as the supject line is quite a bit off since my first question, should it be changed?

Hi kbeaub,

I think you may have caught them in the middle of some transitions. At one point recently they were still shipping the bedding with the mattress but their shipping agent that combined them had some issues with missing pieces so they may have changed to a different and better system. They’ve also just recently added some new gel memory foam designs so this may be part of a backlog leading to delays as well as the holiday season.

All of this is speculation of course but it will be great when you receive everything (and I hope you let us know when each arrives). It’s never fun to wait longer than you were expecting no matter what the reason or how “justified” it may be. Did Juan give you the tracking details or find out when the adjustable bed had shipped (they should have this information).

I haven’t looked through some of the choices in the posts I linked earlier or done any extensive searching but a quick search shows the company store here has some bamboo/cotton blends that can be purchased separately.

There’s also a split king available here.

Both of these are 300 thread counts but outside of the descriptions I have no personal experience with either of them.

I’ve always been fairly loose about threads and titles but it may be an idea to change the subtitle for any posts where the subject is different even though the main title itself will stay the same. this can make searching a bit easier for others who are looking for information on the forum.


I ordered some sheets yesterday and will provide a review once we get them - provided I finally get the bed. Hehe.

Hi kbeaub,

I’m looking forward to finding out about the sheets you ordered. Did you find a split king you liked?

Of course I’m looking forward even more to you receiving your mattress, foundation, and bedding :slight_smile:


Holy moly. I did a giant update, only for the site to not post it because my time expired. Hehe. Here’s a shortened version.

Found bamboo sheets from a company called Bedvoyage. I sent an email to them to see if they were available in Minnesota and the CEO responded to me at 12:30 in the morning!! With that type of service, I had to give them a shot. I think they are available at several Costco locations in California, however, we bought them from Linens and Things’ website.

They arrived today, and at first glance and touch, I think we are going to be VERY satisfied. They are in the wash right now, so further review will follow this weekend.

Now all I need is everything else to show up.

  1. Adjustable bed got held up by Roadrunner freight in Chicago. It’s finally showing up tomorrow.
  2. Mattress is due here on Friday.
  3. Who knows when the “free” sheets and pillows will arrive.

Sleep well!!

Hi kbeaub,

I know how frustrating this can be. Even though I’ve made a habit of always copying any post before I click submit on any forum … it’s always the times I forget that I get caught :ohmy:

There were a couple of glitches today as some settings on the new site were changed (and one that was leading to a 500 error for a while which may have logged people off). I also changed the timeout settings on the server (to an hour as you can see here) so hopefully this will happen less (although it can still be an issue with any forum where the session times out).

Having said all that … I’ll be very interested in hearing about your experience with your new bedvoyage sheets from Linens n Things and the price seems very reasonable.

Of course I’m even more interested in hearing that you’ve received your mattress and the rest of your sleeping system.


How do you like your bamboo sheets? Are they soft and do they keep you cool? I guess you don’t want them to keep you cool since you were using them in the winter in Minnesota. Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think of them. Thanks.