Anybody using Ikea Edsele with a topper?

I’m looking for experience people have combing Ikea Sultan Edsele with soft Talalay based topper? Searching forums few people were looking at this option, but couldn’t find anybody that went that route… Thanks!

Hi Corner12,

I was hoping that someone that had tried this specific combination would see your post and reply but since that didn’t happen, … I’ll provide a more “generic” reply.

There are many mattresses that use a Dunlop base layer of 6-7" with 2 or 3" of Talalay as a comfort layer and this is probably one of the most popular latex combinations available. While Ikea doesn’t say what the ILD of their latex is … I would think it would be on the firm side and would be a good candidate for an additional topper. It would be a little different from a mattress that included the talalay inside the cover as part of the layering itself because there wouldn’t be the wool layer in between the topper and the base but it would certainly be similar in it’s performance and feel.

Hope this helps a little … even though it’s not the specific personal experience you were looking for.