Anyone had any recent dealings with Green Mattress Factory?

I have been looking at their Serenity model. In talking with the salesman, they are offering an additional discount if you can wait 4 weeks for delivery. They will also upgrade the cover to the one used on their Zen III model which is a premium organic cotton cover, completely removable, and tufted with three (3) inches of ORGANIC WOOL and one (1) inch of natural latex.

I did read two complaints on line but one was regrading having to pay a $75 latex layer exchange fee. I saw this explained on the website so, not worried about that one.

Thanks for any input, anyone has.

Hi Dahl,

I would be very careful here because there is some “history” connected to greenmattressfactory (and their many other websites over the years) and given their history I would also treat a request for you to wait with some caution.

I would certainly spend some time reading all the links in post #6 here before considering a purchase.