Anyone have expierence with this e-bay mattress?

Found this on e-bay, anyone have any comments?

Split KING Size: 12" x 38" X 80" (each) Five Pound Density Memory Foam Mattress with 5” of 100% Visco Elastic Open Cell Memory Foam and 7” of Dual Air Flow Support Foam, Consisting of Two 3.5” layers of High Density support Foam. All Components are glued together to Make a Complete Mattress. Then it is covered with a Nice Three Layered, Fire Resistant, Jacquard Material, Four Way Zippered Cover. All of which are made in the USA. See more about our materials below.

Hi Jraqtliff,

I would be very careful here and post #2 here may also also be well worth reading to give you an idea of some of the practices of some of the retailers based in Sikeston. Sometimes specs are not always what they may seem and I would make sure you verify what they are selling before considering them.