Anyone old enough to remember "linter cotton felt" stuffed innerspring mattresses?

I’ve had this mattress since my grandma was alive. It’s indestructible. I don’t even know what linter is. I wonder if anyone in the industry has been around long enough to know how these feel and how best to replicate one? If I was alone I think I could keep this mattress forever but it’s not big enough for two.

Hi blackhalo.

I don’t know that you can DIY a cotton linter felt mattress without being able to hand tuft it. Cotton linter is essentially low grade, absorbent cotton pulp.

My Green Mattress hand tufts their mattress and they used to offer the Pure Eco which was cotton batting, but it’s currently unavailable from my research. You may find something similar in Gardner’s Tufted Mattress.

You could also maybe talk to Ken Hightower at Arizona Premium about how to best replicate one of these beds. He’s a DIY expert.

Maybe someone older than me can chime in here as well :slight_smile: with some reliable options still in existence.


Hey thanks :slight_smile: I don’t necessarily mean to imply that I will DIY it. I just honestly don’t know anything about this material. I’ve never come across anyone else to have a mattress that feels this way. I will research if there is something similar to the Gardner mattress in my area and I will probably contact them for advice as well.