APM Eco Sleep for Side Sleeper

I am considering the Eco Sleep from Arizona Premium Mattress, but am concerned about the non-stretchy quilted wool in the cover and that it may make the mattress feel too firm for a side sleeper.
I am looking at the 8" Bolsa coil with split 3" topper: Soft and Firm. My wife (side sleeper) is 5’7" 150lb). I (back sleeper) am 6’ and 190 lb.

We currently have a Luma Sleep Hybrid with a 3" Soft (19 ILD) Talalay topper (with knitted cover) that is perfect for my side sleeping wife, but much too soft for me. Thus I am looking at the APM Eco Sleep in a King Split (soft for her, firm for me). We also tried an Eco Terra with 3" Medium Talalay topper (supposedly ~25 ILD), but it felt way too firm (even for me); I wonder if this is due to the quilted wool in its topper?

My wife needs a very soft top to avoid hip and shoulder pain.
Are there any side sleepers who have a Soft Eco Sleep that can comment? Any general advice?