Approximating the feel of the Savvy Rest Simplicity; non-latex options

I briefly had a Savvy Rest Simplicity, now discontinued. My understanding is that it was 3" of ‘medium-firm’ Dunlop latex over 3" of coir in a simple unquilted cover. I’d like to find something with a similar, very firm fast-response feel. I’m curious about non-latex or blended latex options, as I don’t love the sweet latex smell. Anybody have suggestions?

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Savvy Rest’s Simplicity Coir and Latex model is a 6"mattress featuring a 3" Natural dunlop latex comfort layer over a 3" coconut coir mat, blended with natural latex to provide stability to the fibers. When you say that you’re curious about non-latex options, could you give more details regarding what your preferences are? Are you looking to stay more on the natural/ organic mattress side or are you open to other types of foam + coir? In regards to the use of blended latex as opposed to dunlop latex in terms of odor, people report varying degrees of olfactory sensitivity with any latex foam, you can read more about that in this post.

Also, what size mattress are you planning to purchase and what is your budget? If you are looking for a particular recommendation, it is always helpful to share your personal statsof height, weight, body type, and sleep position(s), as they will determine which materials and constructions would provide optimal comfort, support, and durabilityto you. Hope this helps get you started in your research and looking forward to your reply :wink: .


Thanks for the reply. I’m looking for a queen, ideally for less than $2k, but can spend more if necessary. I’m 5’8", weight about 150 pounds, and sleep on my back. No particular preference for natural stuff or foam over coir construction beyond having liked the feel of that one mattress; I’m happy to do springs, poly foam, etc.

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Back sleepers (such as yourself) often prefer firmer feeling mattresses as they provide more support for the lower lumbar area. You may consider a hybrid mattress using a zoned pocket coil construction interesting, they are available using a variety foams as comfort materials. You mention in your initial post that you don’t like the “sweet latex smell” but that you are “curious about non-latex or blended latex options”; have you considered Talalay latex? Talalay Global’s Classic Talalay formula is a high-quality blended latex that is available in firmer feels for use as a comfort material. A 2" blended Talalay topper of a 36 or 40 ILD over a zoned pocket coil mattress may be a good firm, fast-response solution. Dunlop latex, which you had previously, would be the firmer way to go than Talalay. Just curious: did you experience a lingering sweet latex smell with your Savvy Rest Simplicity?

These TMU trusted members would be a good place to start with your research, if you want to consider a blended Talalay latex hybrid model:

Luma Sleep

My Green Mattress

As you are used to a lower profile mattress, you may also want to check out the futon category. I don’t have any specific recommendations of mattresses as there would be far to many to review, but perhaps some of the above ideas can help get you started. Good luck boating600 and let us know what you decide to go with :wink: .


Thanks for the advice. I did notice a lingering latex smell with the simplicity. Same with the Charles P. Rogers Estate 5000 — I think it has a layer of natural Talalay from Radium.