Are there any cheaper SavvyRest alternatives?

I’ve been trying to do my research and went to an organic mattress store today. Really loved the SavvyRest they had there, especially because I have a bad immune system and horrible allergies. I’m trying to stay away from the most controversial flame retardants and did appreciate the wool cover the Savvy Rest had as well.

Did not like the $2,500 price tag though. Are there any alternatives in terms of comfort, quality, and chemicals?

i was able to find a local mattress manufacturer that will sell me a full size latex mattress for several hundred dollars less than natura, who is priced similarly to savvy rest. depending upon where you live you could find something equally advantageous. my second place option was ordering from brooklyn bedding.

Thanks for the reply. I really like Brooklyn Bedding’s return policy. I am ready to shell out the $2,500 for the SavvyRest becuase my old $400 pillow top has given out. But I still am a bit apprehensive towards buying before trying. I heard so many good things about the IKEA Sultan Edsele and then when a went into the store to try it, it was far far too soft for my liking. My behind sunk more than it does in the pillow top which has given out.

For what it’s worth I am a 140 lb male.

Hi Kevinmay,

Post #21 here includes the members of this site that sell online and many of them sell component latex mattresses that have similar designs and are rough equivalents to Savvy Rest and one of them (SleepEz) has a mattress that is very close to identical in design. All of them have better value than Savvy Rest which is great quality but not as good value compared to similar mattresses.

There may also be some local sources for similar mattresses and if you let me know your city or zip I’d be happy to link you to any I’m aware of.


Hi, thanks Phoenix. I’m actually in Philadelphia and the home I’ll be moving to is in Southern NJ. I’d appreciate any sources if you do know of any.

Thanks for the information.

Hi Kevinmay,

The better options and possibilities in the Philadelphia, Wilmington, Trenton area area are listed in post #4 here.

There are many latex options in the area although outside of Savvy Rest itself they are not directly equivalent in terms of design although they may be similar in terms of PPP or quality/value.