Are these the same 6" coils?

I am deciding between the 6" Pocket coil from
6" Pocket Coil – Latex Mattress Factory is $395/king, free shipping

and the Caliber Edge 6" Pocket Coil by Leggett and Platt
Caliber Edge 6" Pocket Coil by Leggett and Platt – DIY Mattress is $279/king with $79 shipping, $358 total

Are these the same base? The one on latexmattressfactory has a much more vague description. TIA!

Hi dideetip,

The 2 coil layers you note are not the same (the Ascension is produced by Brooklyn Bedding and the Caliber Edge by Leggett & Platt). While their thickness is the same, they have quite different feels. For higher BMI sleepers, a lower gauge coil is recommended…the lower the gauge, the firmer the feel. Latex Mattress Factory’s Ascension x1032 coils have a 16 gauge inner third, and 15 gauge outer edge, while the L&P Caliber Edge coils are 13.75 gauge, there are only 660 coils in a queen unit (which means larger diameter coils). I did not compare the units but generally more coils typically result in better contour to body curves and may help with pressure points. If possible, even though you are ordering your DIY components online, you might want to check to see if any local showrooms carry any basic hybrids with either of these coil types to try them out in person (you may be able to assess which one feels more supportive for you provided that the foams on top are same material and similar in thickness and ILD). If that’s not an option, discuss the ‘feel’ you and your husband are aiming for with the seller and they can discuss the available options with you.
Since all layers on a mattress work together, it’s difficult to objectively assess two different hybrids, since the top layers will greatly influence how they each feel.

~ Basilio

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Thank you so much, this helps a ton! Really appreciate the time you take to help. I was feeling very lost, and this helps me dial in the build. Cheers!