Arizona Premium Hybrid Mattress issue with a faulty spring

Two years ago we purchased a king mattress from Arizona Premium Mattress Company. It was a “hybrid” - inner spring with latex foam toppers. It was $1300. We had split foam pads as my husband likes firmer than I do. Over the course of the last 2 years, his side became increasingly uncomfortable. When it was no longer a reasonable night’s sleep, we decided to change out the box springs (we had purchased theirs and they were obviously mediocre quality). Before we put the mattress on the new springs, we decided to flip his foam pad. We discovered a spring protruding from the inner spring and that it had worked its way into the foam pad. When I contacted Arizona Premium Mattress Co, the customer service lady said “There are a lot of springs, just pull it out.” I asked for a replacement and she said she’d get back to me. This was a month or so ago. I was very disappointed in that purchase and do not recommend that company. BTW my husband is not overweight at all.

Hi KG123,

I’m sorry you seem to have had an issue with one spring within your mattress, so when your post arrived I contacted Arizona Premium Mattress directly and I feel I have to correct some of the information you presented in your post. While you may feel unhappy with the one spring sticking out (which can’t be determined if it occurred on its own or as a result of something that occurred in your home), posting inaccurate or misleading information isn’t justified by your feelings concerning a particular issue.

The foundations made for Arizona Premium mattress are of good quality and more than capable of supporting a latex mattress, and have been used by them and many other latex companies for years, so characterizing them of mediocre quality would be unfair and inaccurate. As these foundations don’t flex nor tend to wear out, changing out a foundation isn’t something that is normally done, unless one of the top slats was damaged. I also find it interesting that you didn’t mention any issues of a damaged foundation or provide photos of such to Arizona in your original complaint.

In the photo you provide, there is a large tear in the non-woven material over your spring unit. If this is the way your found the spring unit, this would be indicative of something having worked its way into the spring unit causing the tear, which would be more likely if this was actually the bottom of the spring unit and perhaps the result of a protruding slat from a damaged foundation. In the reply Arizona made to you, they stated that your picture did not show the zippered mattress cover (I’m guessing they had a similar theory to mine about the real cause of the damage to the spring unit) and asked if you still had it. You never provided a photo of this to them.

When you contacted Arizona, their exact email reply was, “The spring is one of over a thousand and can simply be removed from the unit. It will not affect the feel or durability at all.” A bit different from what you stated. Removing one spring from a unit like this certainly wouldn’t have an impact upon durability or comfort, as it is a very strong unit.

Your email to them with a photo of the spring unit was sent to Arizona on Dec. 2, at 9:44 am. Arizona replied to you on Dec. 2, at 10:50 am. The delay was one hour, not one month.

It’s also interesting to note what you left out of your post here, but included in your original email to Arizona. You stated that the spring in question ruined the latex pad on one side, and that you threw that pad away, and that you were asking for a replacement of a 3” layer of Talalay as well as the spring unit.

If this spring had worked its way out of the pocket, which does happen from time to time, it would not have caused damaged sufficient to replace a layer of foam. Beside the spring being flattened on top, these springs are only slightly pre-compressed in their pockets and the “force” of one spring would not be enough to damage a piece of latex to the point of making discarding it a necessity.

Assuming that you indeed had a damaged piece of latex, throwing it away seems like a totally illogical act. If it had been damaged by the spring, one would normally keep it as evidence in order to receive a replacement. Or at least take photo. Even if the foam had been damaged, a tear in latex, even a relatively large one, is generally unnoticeable and you certainly still could have slept upon it. Arizona even stated that, “Without seeing the ruined pad I cannot replace it. It would have been best if you contacted us before discarding anything.”

Overall, you may or may not have had a spring spin out from its fabric pocket. Regardless, Arizona Premium Mattress responded to you in a timely manner and provided a method to address this (pull out the spring) which is their prerogative as the provider of warranty for the product. I would assume that they had enough reasonable doubt as to the cause of this issue based upon your actions (unnecessarily throwing out a piece of latex) and your lack of response to information/photos of the cover. While you may not like their solution of addressing your issue, it was indeed a solution that would work perfectly.

Your comments about not recommending Arizona Premium given their long history in the industry and the thousands of people that have purchased from them over many years and are happy with their purchase is of course yours to have and hold on to, as everyone is free to believe whatever they choose to believe regardless of whether the reasons behind it would be valid for anyone else.

I wouldn’t tend to make your type of judgement based on a single instance and I probably wouldn’t make it as public as you have (unless it was a clear pattern) because in today’s online environment which is weighted so heavily (and somewhat unfairly) towards negative consumer comments and feedback even a single “negative” online comment can have a disproportionate effect on the sales or reputation of a small business (whether it was deserved or not) and can negatively affect years of hard work and effort towards building a good reputation. It can also have a disproportionate effect on other people’s buying choices and can tend to predispose others towards having a more negative perception or opinion of a business based primarily on hearsay before they have even talked with them themselves.

Too often online we see people with a sense of entitlement where they think that just by purchasing a product they should be given everything they ask for, and anything less automatically renders a business unworthy of anyone’s consideration, and their goal is to recruit an army to justify their feelings as if this will somehow legitimize their actions as they hide behind their anonymity and own lack of responsibility.

I do always appreciate when people share their thoughts about any mattress purchase (positive or negative) and it’s completely normal that people wish to share their feedback about whether their purchase was successful, but it is incumbent upon me to make comments about member’s reviews or feedback if I feel they are misleading or inaccurate, so that others don’t take their content too seriously or at least realize that what is being written applies to only one person, hence the reason for my reply.

I hope you’ve since removed the spring and are sleeping upon your mattress again.


P.S. I removed the word “Dissatisfaction” from the title of the thread as it acts as a blanket statement which casts a negative light on the company, is inflammatory, and it does not seek for a solution but rather points a finger. I added the words “Hybrid” and “issue with a faulty spring” to better describe the situation.

I am always careful about making these types of changes in cases like this so that the topic title accurately reflects the content of the topic and doesn’t make potentially damaging statements that haven’t yet been proven to be correct.