Arizona Premium Mattress Co in Phoenix

After stopping to test latex mattresses in San Antonio, TX, on our way from Texas to Calif, we stopped at AZ Mat. Co. in Phoenix. They had two latex beds for testing. We tested a firm, 5.6" Dunlop blend, which we thought was too firm. The other bed was split. Half was 5.6" medium (33ILD) with a 2" soft (22ILD Talalay) top. The other half was 5.6" soft with a 2" soft top. The layers are not laminated, nor is the split, so they can be taken out of the 1.5" quilted cotton/wool cover and turned, although the weight and nature of latex would make it difficult and a two person job. During this testing, we discovered that my wife is more comfortable on a firmer mattress and I like a softer mattress that allows my hips and shoulders to sink further. A split mattress would solve this but we were trying to stick with a one piece top as I am not sure if the long term wear would cause an uneven surface to the mattress. Greg was our showroom rep. and saw our comfort IDL’s were different. He suggested that a medium Talalay base with a 3" soft Talalay top might be a compromise we would both find comfortable, for a minimal increase over the 2" top. Greg was very knowledgable and accomodating. He provided a tour of the work area and seemed willing to do everything he could to match their product with what we wanted. He also brought up Mattress Underground, and offered the 5% discount before we mentioned it. Prices for their mattresses seemed very reasonable, and as we later discovered, the least expensive by several hundered dollars, for 100% “Natural” Talalay latex. Their selection is a little more limited than some latex providers in that their usual combination is the 5.6" base and 2" top whereas other companies offer up to 3 or 4 layers of 3" Dunlop, Talalay or blend latex, split and/or zoned. Shipping is an extra charge but is very nominal. The showroom is not fancy and I wish they had more combinations to test. In conclusion, I think AZ Mattress Factory is a good place to buy. Our questions seemed to be answered honestly and their product seemed more than adequate for an excellent price. I believe they will be a strong contender for our purchase.
We would have liked to test mattresses at Sleep EZ factory but they were closed on the day we went through Phoenix. (Their web site needs updating. The contact page lists them open on Wednesdays but they are closed and I missed the correct times listed on the home page - my fault). Maybe we will hit it on the way back to Texas.
Next tests will be in Southern California.

Hmm…when I was there there were more than 2 models in the showroom for testing and 3 were full latex; 1 all-Dunlop model, 1 that was split between medium and soft, as you said, and 1 firm (twin size); there was also 1 latex over polyfoam, a PLB model I believe, a memory foam/latex combo, and a latex with a gel matrix topper). The covers on the full latex models were also Bamboo by my recollection, not cotton/wool, and I was told the top layer is glued, but perhaps I misunderstood that part, and he meant it comes that way when you buy it. I also met Greg. It was a busy Saturday, so perhaps in the rush, I misunderstood some descriptions. I’m a little jealous you got a tour of the work area!!

I hope you are able to make it to SleepEZ. Their models are rather different in construction and worth a try, although some of the shops you test in CA may offer very similar versions.