Arizona Premium Mattress - Lower Back Pain Every Morning

I purchased an all latex mattress from Arizona Premium Mattress a little over 1 month ago. The mattress has a 2" 22 ILD topper on top of a 6" 32 ILD core on my side and a 6" 28 ILD core on my wife’s side. I knew the 22 ILD might be an issue for me knowing that I am 6’3" and weigh about 270. My wife really liked it (I knew she would) but I started experiencing lower back pains. I called Ken (very helpful) and he suggested that we reverse what we have now and put the 6" cores on top of the 2" 22 ILD core. The first couple of nights like this worked better for me. However it only lasted a couple of nights and the lower back pains started happening again in the early morning. My wife does not like the 28 ILD now either. She liked it the original way better and is now having lower back pain too. We both go to sleep easily but end up with the lower back pain as the night goes on.

I am honestly not sure what to do next. I just know that something has to be done. We are honestly thinking about returning it at this point. Nothing against Ken and the company but I am wondering if this mattress with the 22 ILD topper is the right one for us. He said the 2" topper only comes in 22 ILD.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi BigCTM,

The first thing I would ask is what type of foundation do you have under the mattress (just to make sure you are using a rigid foundation with no flex under the mattress).

The next thing I would suggest is to have your wife sleep on your side and you on hers (you can rotate the mattress end for end) in your original configuration (with the topper on top). The main reason or this is to see how she does with your medium layer underneath the 2" top layer. It would also be interesting as a matter of reference to see what changes you notice (better or worse) on her softer side.

If the softness/thickness of the top layer is still enough for her with a medium layer underneath … then you would be able to exchange her soft bottom layer for one of the firmer core layers which may be more suitable for your heavier weight. This way the difference from side to side would be much less than if one side was the softest core and the other was the firmest.

With firmer cores on both sides … you would still have the option of being able to add a thin topper if you needed it for fine tuning the pressure relief without compromising support.

My sense is that the support core layer on your side may be a bit too soft.


Here’s another thought…

What if you cut the 2" topper in half? Then you can have the 32 ILD firm core on top (22ILD on bottom) as you like it on your side and she can have her 28 ILD core on bottom and 22 ILD on top? Just a thought. I’m not sure what that would do to your warranty though!!?? May want to run it by Ken. I know he is willing to please his customers. I am also an owner of an AZP that has taken some time to dial in to please my self and my wife. Good luck!

Any update on the fix for your pain?

I believe their exchange is 90 days - you just pay for the UPS. I would try the other combinations with what you have, and if they don’t work, exchange it for something firmer. I am a similar size and have back trouble and I found that for me a firm (44) 6" core helped, while a medium made me sink in a bit too much and pull slightly on my lower back.