Arizona Premium Mattress - Recommendations/Customer Support

I visited APM’s website looking for coils for a DIY, I used the chat function to ask for a recommendation based on my Height/Weight/Sleep position (5’10/250lbs/Side Sleeper). In less than a minute Ken answered and suggested the 6" QEE Bolsa coils as I was looking for 6" coils. He let me know when an approximate time for shipping, I ordered and sure enough it shipped withing the quoted time frame.

Long story short, Ken’s recommendation was spot on, the 6" QEE Bolsa coils are exactly what I needed and I am so appreciative for his recommendation. My DIY project turned out be the best bed I have slept on for as long as I can remember. I know alot of people come here to ask APM and Ken for his recommendation’s from being a lurker here for a while, I just wanted to thank Ken and APM for the recommendation, customer service and making my first DIY project a smashing success.

Thank again Ken for all you do from replying to posts, answering calls/chats on your website, and your Youtube video’s. I think you are great asset to the mattress community and I look forward to doing business with you in the future and recommending your business. Cheers!