Arizona Premium Mattress Reviews?

I ordered a mattress from AZ premium mattress and am currently chomping at the bit to receive it. They must be extremely busy because it hasn’t shipped yet. I patiently, eagerly waiting!!

I was wondering if anyone has any feedback on recent mattress purchases from AZPM? I ordered the King Adjustable ultra plush in half medium/ half soft for me and my wife. we are both mainly side sleepers.

Anyone? I’ll post my review after I receive mine and give it a fair shake.

Hi Ely,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

While I haven’t slept on one (although I do sleep on a Talalay latex mattress), I can at least tell you that I think very highly of Ken and company (which of course is why they were invited to become a member here) and they have some of the best quality/value mattresses available anywhere. I can also confirm from my conversations with them that they are indeed busy and their shipping times are sometimes a little longer than some other manufacturers.

Hopefully other forum members that have purchased from them will see your post and add their feedback as well.


To the OP, I’m not sure when you purchased your mattress, but my experience with APMC suggests their quoted lead times are very accurate. I purchased a mattress from them very late in the day on 8/21. I was quoted 3.5 weeks until it would ship. It was shipped from their factory on 9/17. That’s pretty much exactly 3.5 weeks. I am ‘chomping at the bit’ too. The mattress is expected to arrive by UPS in New York on Monday. I ordered a full-size dunlop mattress 6" medium support layer with 2" soft comfort layer, bamboo cover with zipper. I did not opt for the organic certification. I will post again when I receive the mattress.

Mine will be delivering next Wednesday 9/26. But I will be traveling!!! I doubt the wife can manhandle the 160 lb shipment (3 boxes) and assembly. But it should be fun to assemble when I get home. Hopefully I’ll have a preliminary report next weekend. Look forward to hearing your report.

I got the blended talalay (6" + 2") with wool cover. Blended sounded like it had the best “feel” and lasted the longest. Ken said he uses the blended.

Hi…just posted a review of my new mattress from APMC. You can read it here:

I just put it together today, so tonight is the maiden voyage. I will post some pics of the packaging and assembly tomorrow. Glad to hear yours is treating you well. We have the split king and also the Bamboo cover. I also have the Medium core. It feels very nice but a full night will be the first test!

Hi Ely,

I’m looking forward to your feedback and any pictures you can post.

Have a good 1st nights sleep :slight_smile:


OK. So night 1 is in the books and I’m not regretting this purchase. I had been second guessing my purchase since I made it a month ago and was waiting for the mattress to arrive; but now I am very satisfied I took the path of ordering a latex mattress from AZP.

I ordered the “King Adjustable Ultra Plush Latex Sleep System” mattress with the bamboo cover. We chose the blended tallalay with 2" topper. Split firmness with my side Medium (32 ILD) and her side Soft (27 ILD) with the topper @ 22 ILD. The topper is 1 piece. My wife is 5’7", 125 lbs and I’m 5’9" 220 lbs.

Here are some pictures of how it arrives and the assembly process. (I am going to post this and see if the picture attach)

First nights sleep was very good. I feel like I “sink” into the mattress the proper amount while keeping everything aligned and supported. I woke at one point on my back and felt the mattress supporting my lower back and hips the proper amount. It was almost pushing my hips/pelvis down toward my feet keeping the proper spacing between my vertebrae. When I stood up this morning I didn’t feel any lower back or hip pain. I was able to stand tall right out of bed without any back hunch or stretching required like normally needed.

I also slept on my side and that was very nice too. No issues. I also got the king latex pillows, Thanks Ken!!, and used that last night. It also has the proper pushback/support. It was very comfortable and cool. No need to flip it during the night.

All in all I am very happy and feel like this purchase was the right one. I’ll update my experiences in a week or so. Hopefully my experience will help make your decision easier.

Talk to you soon!

I just ordered a mattress from Arizona based on this thread. The one we ordered is also soft and medium like the one you ordered. Cannot wait to receive it…

Hi BigCTM,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

It will be great to hear your feedback when you receive it and have had a chance to sleep on it for a few days.


Thanks. It was not an easy decision for sure. I looked at parklane, sleepez, rockymountainmattress and a few others. I just felt like Arizona Premium Mattress offered the best bang for the buck along with some of the best pre sales help and knowledge around.

Hi BigCTM,

I know from personal experience that sometimes final choices between manufacturers that are all “great” can be the most difficult part of all. Trying to “imagine” the benefits of each tradeoff and how important they may be can be difficult (or in my case for someone that goes to rather detailed levels of analysis somewhat “agonizing” :)) and I remember that every one of my final choices that I eliminated kept me flip flopping and second guessing for a while. In the end … it’s often the intangibles or smaller details that are important to each person that can make the difference (in my own case for example it was having quiltable latex in my cover which finally ended up tilting the balance)

It’s great to see that you did such great research and even better that you made the best choice for your personal “value equation”. Ken certainly has some great value and the many hours of conversations I’ve had with him have always been very interesting and informative.


I want to post a quick update after 4 nights of sleeping on the mattress. My wife and I were both having extreme shoulder soreness after sleeping on our new latex mattress. I woke many times and my shoulder was on fire due to excessive pressure. She has the softest setup and I have the medium in the latex. I had to put an old foam mattress topper on the bed to help this issue. We used the foam topper last night and it definitely helped our shoulder pain. The topper is queen size so I turned it sideways and put it across the bed to support our upper bodies. It is on top of the mattress under the sheet. I may put it into the mattress case for tonight to see if we get the same benefit (thoughts?). I will see how this helps our sleeping. Last night we actually got decent sleep and did not toss and turn all night. I am seriously wondering if latex is the correct fit for us. We will keep with the foam topper setup through this week and see if it works for us.

Any input or comments would be appreciated.

Hi Ely,

The symptoms you are describing (and the fact that the topper helped) generally indicates an issue with the “comfort” choice (the depth of cradle that provides pressure relief) rather than the “materials” choice. Based on your previous posts … it looks like the alignment is good and the issue is about pressure relief. Any material can be either too firm or soft, too thick or thin, or have something else over or under it that may interfere or prevent optimal pressure relief.

This means that there are several possibilities …

The first of these is time. A new sleeping system takes some time to “break in” for the cover to stretch and loosen and while it is, it may be reducing the amount you are sinking in to the soft foam layers on the top of the mattress. It can also take some time to adjust to a new sleeping system … especially if it is different from what you are used to.

The second would be to look at what you have over the mattress that may be interfering with the amount you are sinking into the mattress. this would generally be about the mattress protector and sheets which may be creating a “drunm” effect and reducing the amount you are sinking in.

The third would be to look at the firmness/softness and the thickness of the comfort layers themselves (softness and thickness work together to provide the pressure relieving cradle). If the pressure relief symptoms continue … it may indicate the need for a little more thickness/softness than the 2" of 22 ILD in the pressure relieving layers that you currently have. This seems to be a likely possibility since you are side sleepers, your comfort layer is 2", and the topper seems to have helped. Since it also took a few days for this “symptom” to appear (your first night seems to have been fine) this may also indicate that you are close but “not quite there”.

What type of topper are you using (thickness and type of material)?

So the next step is to go slowly (not make too many changes too quickly) and narrow down what changes may be needed and then make any final adjustments that may be necessary. Of course talking with Arizona Premium is also the best idea of all because they have the benefit on knowing how others have solved similar issues with the same mattress.


I am using a foam topper that is 2" thick that is flat on one side and egg crate on the other. I have the flat side up. I don’t have any more detailed info than that.

I just spoke to Ken @ AZPM and he recommended trying the latex exposed or possibly adding a 3" latex topper. I will try it exposed to get the feel tonight. He stated that the mattress zipper cover is made “overly” tight and need a few weeks to break in to truly get the latex “feel” and proper sink/pressure. I will remove the memory foam and stick with just the latex for the trial.

Thanks for your input Phoenix. More to come…

I pulled the 2" tallalay section out of the mattress cover and slept on that “raw” with the fitted sheet over it. We slept much better last night than we have previously. We did not use the memory foam. We will stay with this setup until it is “broken in” and we can put it back inside the mattress cover.