Arizona Premium Mattress

I am seeking review information on Arizona Premium Mattress.
Considering a King 100% Latex Mattress and would like to get feedback from others who may have purchased from them.

Hi frhendricks,

While I haven’t bought a mattress from them … I have talked with Ken (the owner) on dozens of occasions (and Greg who is often the one that you will talk with) and he is very knowledgeable about mattresses, latex, and the industry and great to talk with. He is also of course a member of this site which means that like all the member here I consider them to have among the best quality and value in the country.

Hopefully some others who have purchased from them will also see and reply to your post and share their experience.


Can any body tell benefits of organic mattress?

Hi dws1234,

I think that post #7 here from earlier today should hopefully answer your question :slight_smile:


Arizona Premium Mattress is the closest manufacturer to us. We visited their showroom and spent close to an hour with the owner, Ken. It proved to be a good learning experience.

However, as we got more serious about making a purchase we sent 3 emails to them through their website that were never answered. This may be a glitch on their website, a technical issue or just a small business growing too fast. No response resulted in us moving onto other options.

I also found their multiple websites to be cluttered and difficult to navigate and this reduced my confidence in the company.